Another reconstruction!

I did finish that shirt after posting yesterday’s blog, but didn’t get the pics until today. This is the before picture of the blouse. I found it at a thrift store awhile back. And, well, it had some issues. It was kind of big and baggy, but with sleeves that were this really weird length. (Kind of like it was supposed to be long sleeves and shrank in the wash.) And the buttons didn’t really go with the shirt at all, IMO. But the fabric was really nice– a 100% silk woven of some type. And the color is gorgeous; it kind of shifts between turquoise and violet depending on the lighting. So I thought it was worth salvaging.

Here’s the after….a much better fit (even though a crappy picture, since I’m terrible at taking pictures of myself wearing things.)

It was a more involved reconstruction, since I basically had to take almost the entire blouse apart. And it was a case of winging it as I went, for the most part. The back is almost as it was, other than losing some of the width in the back. But I removed the collar (leaving just the stand so it has that mandarin look), and cut the sleeves to just above my elbow. One of the things I’ve learned in this cooler spring is that I needed some brighter colored transitional clothing. Nearly all that I had looks like fall! And obviously, I made some more drastic changes to the front…

I cut the front down the center to give it more of an empire waist (I know it looks low, and maybe the seam is just a little lower than it should have been, but it does fit better than a lot of that style seems to be for me.) Did a little gathering to make it smaller, and a little box pleat on the lower part to do the same. I also ended up deciding that I didn’t want it to be completely a button-down shirt, so I took the side the buttons had been on, laid that on top, and topstitched it down so the bottom half is one solid piece. There’s a zipper in the side now so I can easily get it on and off. And then I swapped out the buttons with ones that match much, much better. Whew! So I’m pleased overall with how this one turned out….now I just need to figure out a fun name for it so I can stick it in the sidebar list.

So there you have it! I’m hoping to work in a quick refashion or two this week for Refashion Co-Op’s Around the World in 80 Dresses challenge. Aside from that, now that I’ve done a couple of relatively quick sewing projects, I think I’m ready to tackle my next Big Challenge: The Anthropologie pants!!


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