baa baa wet sheep

Wet mostly plastic sheep, really.

I was planning on sewing more last night after Nicole left. But by the time I got everything cleaned up, I was so tired that all I was up for was sitting in front of the tv for Doctor Who and the most brainless crafting I could think of–unraveling the rest of the Stay-puft Marshmallow sweater. I washed it this afternoon and hung it to dry and hopefully stretch out. (It’s draped over my music stand, covered in plastic to keep it from rusting where I’ve chipped the paint off, with water bottles at the ends of the skeins to weigh them down. I found the idea on Ravelry and got all excited since I wouldn’t have to buy anything to make this work.)

It hasn’t quite unkinked as much as I’d hoped…might be due to the high synthetic content. But I think it is a little straighter than it was. Balling it up might help, too. It actually dried almost all the way in the approximately three hours I had it outside–the only damp spots were right at the bottom, where the water bottles were. So I’ve got it in the basement to dry the rest of the way.

Other things I did this afternoon:

  • Went to the garden center where I work with my parents to help them get stuff for their gardens (with my employee discount, of course). The tradition the last couple of years that I’ve done for Mother’s Day has been to get the stuff to fill her couple of flower planters on the deck, so she and I picked out stuff for that too.
  • Planted said flowers in the pots, as well as the herbs that also go on the deck.
  • Finished one half of a knitting project:

 This is the second set of Constellation Gloves that I’m making for a friend of mine (who loved mine and wanted to steal them.) I was planning on sewing once I got done dealing with the planting and yarn washing and laundry and such, but then my brother and sis-in-law stopped by to visit Mom. And then they put in a Star Wars movie. So I had to watch it with them. Darn. Finishing this was quieter than sewing, and quicker to grab. So there ya go.

Ok, off to finish tidying up here a bit. And then maybe actually do that sewing!


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