Apron crafting!

My friend Nicole had the idea a little while ago that we should make some Anthropologie-inspired aprons. We finally got together this weekend to do so, and spent quite a few hours last night and this afternoon putting them together. With her permission for posting the photo, here’s what we ended up with!
We ended up pretty much winging them completely, with no patterns. Which meant we had to make some tweaks as we went along, but it was great to have her there so we could bounce our ideas for how to make things work off of each other!

 She used their “Tea and Crumpets” apron as her inspiration….

…and I used the “Gray Gardens” one–with the boldness of the print in the fabric I ended up choosing, it seemed like the best match!

We’re hoping to get together before too long for another sewing day–she made this one to give to a friend who recently got married, and wants to make a second one for herself. (I’m being selfish and keeping mine.) I hope it doesn’t take too long, anyway–sewing with other people is kind of a rare treat for me! (And most often happens with my mom, though it seems we don’t really have the time to sew at the same time much these days.)

Also, I kind of feel like I should cook something soon, now that I have a cheery apron to keep myself from splattering bits of food all over my clothes!

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