Operation Salvage = success?

Well, the blouse is done as of this afternoon. In order to get a picture of the fit, had to try it on myself….so please excuse my pasty, banged-up legs, messy room and the horrible lighting. I think overall, I managed to salvage it pretty well, though I had to make some changes from my original plan (namely making it a sleeveless blouse, rather than a short-sleeved one), and some kind of oddball adjustments.

Here’s the gist of it, without my hair in the way.

And here’s my oddball salvage job. No, that’s not a shadow– that’s a fake princess seam intersecting with a dart. I think I can safely say that the full bust adjustment attempt was a complete failure, and this was the only way I could get it even close to well-fitting around my chest in the end. And yes, I realize that the seam is puckered. I’m pretending that those gathers, as well as the dart that makes it look like I pieced together the side, were intentional design features. I made it work. Eat your heart out, Tim Gunn.

I guess it’ll be ok that it’s sleeveless, in the end– I think the silhouette is such that I could possibly use it as a layering blouse if needed. And I still like the fabric, I think I did a nice job with the underlining, the silk organza worked out nicely as the interfacing, and I think I managed some cute buttons on this too. (Black probably would have stood out better, but I couldn’t pass up the almost glittery-looking embossed design on these.) So overall, even though this means I still have a looooong way to go in my quest to perfect fitting, I think I can consider this a success.

Another exciting development around here is that I’ve finished the wrap, mostly. The knitting is done, and I wove in the ends yesterday.

This is what it’s looking like right now–there’s a row or two where I’m not sure what the heck happened because there’s some odd line of holes (on the backrest of the chair).

But seeing as how this was considered to be a lace pattern, at least according to the designer (albeit a super-easy one), I think I did pretty well for a newbie.

I still need to block this. Once I figure out exactly how to do it. The pattern recommended basically soaking it and then rolling it up in towels or something.

I liked working with this yarn overall–it’s Lion Brand Nature’s Choice organic cotton. It’s super-soft, and I hope it stays that way after blocking. It did have a tendency to shed a bit (especially when I knit part of this while on an exercise bike–then it was like my orange tabby cat on black), but I didn’t have any trouble with knitting it on bamboo needles, even with my tendency to knit tightly. I have a little bit over one ball left, out of the six that I bought for this–the yarn was labeled as worsted weight but I think it’s thicker, so I didn’t need as much as anticipated. So I think I’m going to use the rest to make a pair of handwarmers sometime. I’ve been joking for years that I need a pair of skin-toned fingerless gloves to wear at church when I’m playing flute on worship team, because it tends to be so cold in there. And I don’t think I’d find anything much closer to my skin tone!

In the meantime, I’ve started both a dishcloth and a second pair of the Constellation gloves, this time for a friend. And also tearing up something for my next refashion. Not much progress yet on any of those three things, but I’m chipping away at them..


4 thoughts on “Operation Salvage = success?

  1. Anoriell

    Congratulations on the salvaging job AND the wrap! Blouse looks great! Wrap is long. Wow. Lots of knitting in there. Just wait until you block it and it opens up some.

    Thanks for sharing pics!


  2. You should be pleased with the results. It looks good. If you like this design, Simplicity 2732 is a great pattern. No need for FBAs as it provides pieces for A, B C & D cup sizes. I'm making one at the moment and there is a completed one on my blog.


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