A little Earth Day recycling action

And now for something completely different! (Editing the post I made last night, rather than writing a new one, since a day off of work means I got this done way faster than I expected to.)

 I had this container, left over from some cleaning scrubby things. When I used up the last of the “magic erasers”, it seemed a shame to throw a good-sized plastic container away, and I had the thought that it might be a good solution for a project I’ve been pondering for awhile–a travel case or pouch or something for toiletries. I’ve been thinking about sewing something, but wasn’t sure how to deal with the moisture-breeds-mold issue with fabric. With this, I can easily just pop the lid on this open to let things dry. But the labels wouldn’t come off, which made it ugly. And the plastic on the sides is pretty thin. So I needed a way to make it sturdier.

I also had this fabric–it was given to me for free. And I wasn’t really sure what to do with it. For one thing, there wasn’t a whole lot of it, maybe something like a yard. For another, it’s not the sort of print that I feltl like I could get away with wearing in public at my age. It would be a great print for a kid, but I don’t have any. Or any nieces or nephews. Or any non-related kids that call me an aunt anyway. Really, the only thing I would have been able to do with this is pajama shorts. But unfortunately, this isn’t a very comfy-feeling fabric, especially for a knit. It just feels kind of rough and would certainly not be nice for sleeping in. And I wouldn’t want to subject a child to wearing a scratchy, rough t-shirt. That would be mean.

So last night, I chopped it up and made this. That’s right, I turned it into yarn. I didn’t have yarn on hand that would match the lid of the container, and nearly everything I have is for specific projects anyway. I’ve seen tutorials for t-shirt yarn before, and figured this would be a good test, because the colors would make for fun yarn. And it’s thick enough that it would certainly protect the sides a bit.

Take that, stash oddity!

It felt like knitting with a rope. Or those stretchy loops that I used to make potholders with on a plastic weaving loom when I was a kid.But the nice thing about it is that the “yarn” was chunky enough that this worked up really fast. Other than casting on and knitting about a third of the bottom portion last night, I got this done within a couple of hours while hanging out with my brother and catching up on some tv shows we both like. (He was off today, too–he’s normally off on Fridays, and I just didn’t get scheduled to work.)

So here’s the finished result:

I’m pleased with how it turned out. And the yarn does look fun. Though I guess the original print is more obvious than I thought–my brother only saw it in it’s chopped up post-yarnifying state, and guessed right on his first try that it had been Snoopy.

Without the container, for a better view of the handle. (Which is long enough that it doesn’t interfere with getting the lid open. This is just three braided pieces of the yarn.)

And it’s the perfect size for those travel-sized toiletries. Now if I could just figure out what I did with the mini shampoo/conditioner/contacts solution containers after my last weekend away… I know I didn’t toss them!

p.s. Yes, I did also work on the blouse some yesterday. Mainly trimming and prepping the facings, which are not actually sewn into the blouse yet. So picturewise, nothing to report.


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