I hope this isn’t a craft fail in progress.

I started sewing my black and white blouse today–seemed like a good way to spend an afternoon that I did not have to be teaching band. (Reaping the benefits of standardized testing, ohhhhhhh yeah!) I’d had visions in my head of this coming together super-fast and having almost an entire new shirt to show for this afternoon. But no…it’s being complicated.

First, there’s this. I must have screwed up somewhere along the line with the FBA I did, because while I had a nice amount of room there, the dart ended up being rather low. (I’m not sure why, since things seemed all right when I was tissue-fitting the pattern.) It looks fine here, but there’s a reason for that….you see how small the armhole is?

This is how wide I had to make the shoulder seams to get those darts in the right place–an entire inch beyond the seam allowance! I also had to take the sides in somewhere in the 1/4″-3/4″ range (most at the waist, least at the top and bottom.).

And then chop these bits out of the neckline and armhole to make it functional again.

So then the mandarin-style collar was too long, so I ended up cutting this much off of that to make it work….only to remember after I cut it that I’d completely forgotten to factor seam allowances into that measurement. So I stitched the sides with a 1/4″ seam allowance to compensate as much as I could. Guess I’m going to be trimming the neckline even more to compensate for the rest.

I’m going to have to see what’s up with the facings after all of this–I haven’t touched those yet. Hopefully I trimmed the armholes down enough for the cap sleeves to still work–though I have a bit of an advantage on that part, at least, since I picked the view that has just a cap rather than a full-circle sleeve.

If this blouse turns out well after all of this winging it I’ve had to do, I’ll be shocked. And if I ever use this pattern again after all of this, I’m moving the bust dart up at least an inch before I cut a thing.

I really like this fabric, and I was so excited about trying the underlining technique in a more casual project now that I actually know how to do it right. So this is all kind of bumming me out. I don’t want to end this post on a downer, so here’s some happier things in my crafty world:

#1: The knitted wrap is almost done! At least as far as the knitting goes. I estimate that about 10 more rows should do it as far as using up sufficient yarn goes, while still leaving enough in the ball to do the last two all-knit rows. We’ll see how my estimation goes. I’m going to try to finish it tonight, rather than beat myself over the head with this blouse some more.

#2: New magazines! I stopped at the bookstore on my way home from teaching last night to see if the April BurdaStyle was something I wanted to acquire. (It wasn’t. Absolutely nothing jumped out at me when looking at the line drawings. There was one jacket that was ok, but I already have more jacket patterns than I’ll probably ever sew.) So instead, I picked up the spring SewStylish and the summer Knitscene. Which just may contain my first attempt at a real sweater, once I finish the two summery tanks I have in the queue, because this cardigan is cute and it doesn’t look terribly difficult. So it might be a good first attempt at sleeves. And, knowing how easily I get cold, layering options might also be the best way for me to go!

While I’m on the subject of knitting, I have to give a shoutout to Brinn, who very kindly commented on my last post to tell me how to raise the neckline on the tank top she designed that I want to knit. Very sweet of her!

#3: New fabric! And new yarn! Yes, my Fabric.com order came in.

So these are my apron fabrics, all washed up and ready to go. The flower print is actually much larger than I anticipated, so it’s a good thing I was going for a more funky, colorful aesthetic! (To give you a sense of scale, the coin on there is an American quarter.)

And the bird fabric I picked up for the Crescent skirt (also a larger scale than anticipated–did I just not read the description or something?), along with the linen/acrylic blend yarn I got to go with it. Now that I see them in person, I’m not as convinced that the two things will go together–the greens in the fabric are a bit more of a yellow shade than I thought, and the yarn is more of a blue-toned green. But who knows–maybe they’ll still work. If nothing else, I checked the yarn against my sunflower skirt, now that it’s out from its winter hiding place under the bed, and it goes quite well with that. And if all else fails with this skirt, I can always pull out my basic white t-shirt.


3 thoughts on “I hope this isn’t a craft fail in progress.

  1. I'm sure you can make the blouse work! Good luck!

    I really love your new fabrics. The sunflowers are the sort of color scheme I was dreaming about for a new and much-needed table cloth and placemats.


  2. I went to a fitting workshop recently and learned how to do an FBA. On some designs the FBA moves the bust point, so it is important to do another tissue fit after the pattern has been adjusted to ensure that the dart is in the right place. If it isnt you need to move it up. Lovely new fabrics btw.


  3. Love your new fabrics, especially the swirly birds!

    I feel your pain on pattern and fitting issues…They kind of suck some of the fun out of projects that in theory should be so simple.


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