spring dress tease

Blame the weather around here, because it gave us a major tease yesterday. First day in weeks I’d actually been able to wear spring clothes, and I wished I’d had this done because it would have been a perfect day to debut it. And then today it goes and gets cold again! *sigh* So I’m going to tease you with some in-progress pictures.

I was glad to find out that the new buttonhole foot works just fine. I did have a bit of a gripe with the pattern I’m using (Simplicity 2248), as far as this particular piece goes. The piece has no interfacing, and yet it has a buttonhole. Which would make for a pretty horrid buttonhole, with just 2 pieces of cotton and nothing to stabilize it. So what I ended up doing was taking a scrap of the silk organza that I have left from the LBD (I have at least a couple of yards left, since I ended up underlining the skirt with the lining crepe de chine instead), doubling it, and stuffing it into that corner. Worked like a charm.

A shot of the back. Which needs some fixing, as you can see. I tried it on today, and it mostly fits very well. Except the back gaps at the top, so I’ll have to undo that invisible zipper a bit and take it in about 3/4″ on each side. Guess it’s a good thing I haven’t done anything with that facing yet. (The button placement is off, too, as a result. But I may just have it be asymmetric. Or sew on a second button off-center to balance it out. Definitely better than ripping out the buttonhole, even though I haven’t cut it yet!)

The top of the bodice. I don’t know if it’s the combination of this neckline with the fabric, or the colors, or the corset-y topstitching or what, but for some reason, this dress is making me think of Georgian-era France. Kind of like Marie Antoinette without all of the scandals and guillotines and the terrible movie. (Seriously–I couldn’t even like this one for the costumes. All I could think at the end was that it was two hours of my life I’d never get back.)

One comment about my sewing that has stuck with me is one that a one of my long-time friends made a couple of years ago. She said that she could always tell when I’d made something, because it had unique and interesting buttons. I guess that’s one of my trademarks now? I was really excited to find this one, though. I’d almost resigned myself to going with a cream-colored button, because I knew the blue and green in the fabric would be hard to match. And then I found this one, which looks like mother-of-pearl and has the perfect blend of greens and that purple-ish periwinkle! The size is a bit smaller than the pattern called for, but the coloring was so perfect that I don’t care. (And now that I’m looking at the button package again to check the size, I just found out that apparently these buttons were made in France. Maybe it’s a sign…)

(Also, random geek fact– I was checking one of my favorite movie costume sites to see if there were any comparable Marie Antoinette dresses, and found out that one of the dresses used in the movie was apparently also used in an episode of Doctor Who! Hee!)


5 thoughts on “spring dress tease

  1. What a pretty dress! I haven't gotten back into apparel yet and would really like to. Currently I'm just working on embellishing what I already have :). And what neat buttons! Have a good Tuesday.


  2. It looks pretty and spring-like. The button is perfect. I'm not a button-person, I just use my first idea for notions, which usually is a single-coloured one.


  3. Wow, this dress is going to be so pretty! Strange that the instructions didn't specify interfacing the button hole region. I always interface, and also behind the button itself too. Usually with a small rectangle of thickish woven cotton, for stability.


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