Mission accomplished!

 I’ve just been posting up a storm lately, haven’t I? Don’t worry, it’ll slow down very soon, as this is my last day “off” (other than my flute teaching and band work) before I go back to job #3 at the garden center. Thankfully, I had some warning as to when I’d be starting back up. So my main goal this week was to finish all of the machine work on my mom’s dress so I could do the handwork on Saturday. (Being the not-so-closet geek that I am, Saturday’s plans consist mainly of playing a game over the internet with a few friends. But it’s the sort of game where there’s more talking via a headset than actually typing on the keyboard or clicking with a mouse, so it’s been a good way for me to also get several concentrated hours of off-machine craftiness in so far.) As of about 15 minutes ago, the machine work is done!

 Don’t worry, it’ll hang better than this. I haven’t put the zipper in yet, because I’m going to use one of the methods I learned from the LBD class and hand-pick that. This zipper only goes partway up the back and there’s a sheer part that will extend above, so the greater control of handwork is definitely desirable here. Plus, since part of the plan is for me to resize this slightly if needed to fit me after the wedding, it’ll be much easier for me to tweak the back as needed if I’m working with hand stitches instead of the tinier machine ones! I’ll also need to hem those sheer edges a bit, sew the bodice lining down over the zipper and skirt, and hem the skirt itself. So far, I’m rather pleased with how it’s looking! (And also glad that I decided to serge the edges of the skirt pieces before sewing the seam– I left the top of the skirt and the bodice pieces unserged, and they were a horribly fraying mess!)

Speaking of the serger, guess what? It’s not broken again–I took it to the shop on Friday and the mechanisms are just fine. The problem was that the thread had gone bad! Which, I guess, shouldn’t be a surprise, because there’s a strong possibility that most of the serger thread I’ve been using is older than I am. (It was mostly stuff I got for free from a doll/craft supply shop that my grandparents used to run.) So I tossed a bunch of the stuff that I knew was older, and am going to have to start replacing it as I can. And because I did the brocade bits before this, the serged edges are not the cleanest at all. But the sheer, which was done with the new thread, is much, much better. I’m quite happy that I didn’t have to get it repaired again so quickly!

The cat, who decided to be my sewing buddy for today, was rather more ambivalent about the whole thing. In fact, she was quite unhappy that I dared interrupt her nap on top of my pattern pieces to take a picture. Sorry, Cleo.

One last thing for today….decided to have a little St. Patrick’s Day fun on a whim. Now, I’m not one who will just celebrate any and every holiday that happens around this time of year. I could care less about Mardi Gras, and I have a rather strong loathing for Valentine’s Day. But St. Patrick’s Day has always been a fun one– I’m quite happy to dress the part (today it’s my Shakespeare on the Green top, along with some Celtic-knot embellished jewelry), and I’ve been having fun with listening to some of my favorite Irish bands today (namely The Frames and Flogging Molly so far, but there’s still a good chance I’ll fit in some U2 and/or The Cranberries). Hey, I really am part Irish, so of course I want to have some fun with this! But anyway….on a whim, I decided to make some scones, since I had a little time to kill. They’re total cheater scones because they’re made with Bisquick that was already in the pantry, and I even cheated on the cheater recipe. (No heavy cream, so I used the nonfat milk that I had instead, and I didn’t have chocolate chips, so I chopped up a dark chocolate-raspberry organic chocolate bar. There. Now they’re healthier.) On an even bigger whim, I added some green food dye to make them festive. For total cheater baked goods, I thought they turned out pretty good! Once they fully baked, at least… I may have made them a little too thick to cook through properly until I cut them up and stuck them back in the oven.


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