Burda Style 03/11 review

Though I let my subscription run out, due to being rather disappointed for the most part with the last several issues, I did pick up the latest one from the bookstore today (now that I have a bookstore nearby that actually carries them!) There were a couple of things in there I really liked, actually. But then there were some really horrific things, too. So here’s my review:

The good:
 You’d have to have the right figure to pull it off, but this actually looked very nice on the model as well. I didn’t like the full-length one as much, but this one is pretty good.

 This jacket was my main incentive for buying this issue. I love the pleated peplum. And while I know I could probably figure this sort of thing out from another basic jacket pattern, it’s always nice when someone else does the work for you.

 Pretty much THE perfect basic straight skirt pattern. (Which, incidentally, I was looking for a sloper-type pattern like this during a recent 5 for $5 sale at Joann’s, and the company in question did not have a single one.) Looks like it even has pockets!

  Even though I could probably figure this one out myself very easily, it’s still a nice basic jersey skirt.

 My other incentive for buying this issue. I like the pants as is, but they also have 2 of the 4 missing elements from my other pattern for knocking off the Anthropologie pants: the waistband and the welt pockets. I figured that melding this pattern with the other should be fairly simple, since it’s the same company. The pleats will have to be figured out myself, but then all I would need, should I choose to torment myself with accuracy instead of making it easier for myself by going with the side zip that’s already in the other pattern, is the fly front.

 Hey look, the fly front! (Plus I like that there’s a longer version of a very basic, non-pleated front short.)

The bad:
 One of their wedding dresses. For a girl who watched too much Sailor Moon growing up.

 To be fair, though, the basic lines of this dress (and the top version they also have in here) aren’t bad at all. It could make a really great maxi-dress or camisole (though probably not for me, because I’d be falling out all over the place up top). This would be the part of Project Runway where the judge would normally tell the designer that he or she needs to learn how to edit–the toga party drape is just unnecessary. And ugly.

 The 80s called. They want their Flashdance costumes back.

The “what were they THINKING?”

(Most of which came from the wedding section, actually.)
On the plus side, you have a built-in apron in case you drop cake on yourself during the reception.

 Just, ew.

 Just what I always wanted: a maternity poncho.

 I don’t know about you all, but drawing attention to my inner thighs by sticking a weird seam in there is not exactly something I want to do.

 And the worst: Because it’s clearly every woman’s dream to look like a bowling pin on her wedding day.

Aside from that, the crafts were the usual meh. There were some pretty cute baby things in there, too, but that’s not really useful to me at this point.

p.s. I actually have been sewing quite a bit over the last two days. Maybe I’ll have something to show for it soon.

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