a post of epic proportions

….that still contains no MMM pictures. I’m SO behind. Though I’ve still been wearing handmade things every day, and taking really crappy, rushed photos of said handmade things. But let’s move on to more important things, like amazing Anthro pants.

First of all– yes, Nicole, you’re right. I need those pants. 😉 And Joy, you have an excellent point–so far, one of the things I have taken from Me-Made-March (and observing my wardrobe in general) is that I really need to conquer the pants-sewing. Though I may almost have a jeans pattern now, though it remains untested in actual denim, a wide-legged pant would hopefully be not nearly so annoying to fit since it’s not quite so close-fitting. And so I think that this is something that will be added to the queue. Elise, you seriously tilted the scales towards DIYing them with that pattern suggestion! There are still elements I’d need to add– particularly the front pleat, I’d prefer a waistband over a facing, and of course pockets. (I actually really like the welt pockets in the Anthro pants, at least in the back. Since I need to keep my phone on me quite a bit, completely pocketless pants are kind of annoying.) But I doubt I could find a better starting point, unless Anthro gave up its patterns! (Wow…wouldn’t that be a dream come true, if Anthropologie started selling its own sewing patterns…) Christina and Antoinette, the original pants are linen, so finding the right fabric could be quite doable. In fact, if I can get my butt to Joann’s asap and see if they have the pattern so I can check the yardage, I may have already found it. (And on sale!) Hana, I have no idea about the quality of the original pants, since I haven’t had time to go to the mall to see if the new local store has them.

Now that I’ve done all that talk…I actually finished not one, but two projects today! So have a boatload of pictures!

First up, my latest refashion, along with a quasi-tutorial! I started with this shirt:

I like it. I’ve had it for awhile, and it’s comfortable. It’s a good length, and it layers well due to the monochromatic print. And yet, it’s still a print. For the most part, it’s held up well to repeated washings and wearings. Only problem is, over the years, the back neckline has done this:

As you can see, it got all stretched out, and the tags refused to stay on the inside of the shirt. Not so obvious on Donna. It’s a lot worse when I wear it. I was thinking about taking in just the shoulder seams to fix it, but the front is fine so I didn’t want to take away from that. And then I got some inspiration….

First, I cut out the tags, then pinched out the excess in the back. (Which ended up being about a 2 1/2″ dart, when unfolded.)

 Then, while the dart was still pinched out, I traced a circle with a disappearing fabric marker. (This is a box lid.)


I don’t have pictures of this step, but what I did next was unpin the dart and then cut the circleish shape out. I folded the raw edge in and stitched it down–I chose to hand-sew it so I could minimize any ripple effect and have better control over the raw edge actually staying where I wanted it.

I then sewed a small button onto one of the pointed edges at the top, made a thread loop on the other side, and buttoned it up to close the gap.

And here’s the end result–best I could do, taking the picture on my own around 11 pm! I’m pleased with how it turned out–still ripples away from me a little at the bottom of the circle depending on how I’m standing, but not nearly to the extent that it did. The only problem is, the new neckline keeps making me think of the description I’ve heard multiple times for, of all things, the mullet! “Business in the front, party in the back.” Hmmm….not the best association.

After I finished this shirt, I had more time to kill, so I finished off the beret I was knitting. It didn’t take too long, since I finally got to the decrease stage a night or two ago.

I’ve long liked berets. I guess because it was the stereotypical artist hat. And I used to draw a lot–painting and such too, but I was a lot better at drawing. At least until I spent one semester majoring in art. I don’t know if it’s some psychological block or what, but I’ve barely been inspired to even try since. Oh well….maybe someday.

A closeup of the starburst-like top–yes, I had to learn a new stitch form for this one! A slip-slip-knit, she called it.

And the whole hat. It looks kind of like a sea urchin, lying on the bed like this…

The pattern was this “Early Morning Beret” at KnitBot. The only other thing I possibly need to do to this is that the instructions call for blocking it. Which, as I understand, involves wetting the piece and pinning it out. Except I’m not sure how that works with something more 3D, like a hat. Maybe I’ll just skip that. But for now, I think I’d best go to bed, because I’m looking at these last few paragraphs and thinking that I sound a little loopy!

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