Oh, Anthropologie, why must you torment me so?

If you’ve been following this blog for any length of time, you know that one of my favorite places to find inspiration is by browsing Anthropologie. Today, I got an email from them which got me all excited. These are seriously the coolest pants I have seen in a long time:

Not only are they a great color (pretty much the exact color brown I’ve been wanting to add to my wardrobe in pants for some time) and a really nice cut (I do like a good wide-legged pant), there is CORSET LACING. Which makes these pants awesome, because being the medieval fantasy costume geek that I am, I am a sucker for anything with lacing. In fact, I like these pants so much, that for a wild and crazy moment, I was considering going to the store and paying the $88 it would take to buy them. Which, admittedly, is really good for them, at least for pants. Most of the ones they currently have on the site are well over $100 and even $200 dollars. These were some of the cheapest ones on there.

But then I was thinking, can I really justify paying $88 for a pair of pants, when I can sew? After all, that means they would cost more than almost every formal dress I have ever worn (since most of them were homemade), with the exception of one recital dress and both of my bridesmaid dresses. Actually, now that I think about it, I think that these pants are almost the same price as the less expensive of the bridesmaid dresses….When it comes to RTW, I pretty much refuse to pay more than $30 for almost anything. (Shoes being the major exception, since I generally don’t have much choice if I want them to actually fit.) And I do have 2 yards of twill that are pretty close to that color in my stash already. Closer to a mocha, but it’s thin enough that it could probably fill in for a linen fairly well.

But then again, they’re pants. Which are still my major sewing/fitting nemesis.

Even so, I’m strongly tempted to try, because I haven’t gotten this excited by looking at a pair of pants for a long time. Because as tempting as it is to just buy them, given my current work situation, I’m sure there’s better things I could use this year’s birthday money on. Like, say, keeping my gas tank filled as needed.

(But I’m still also strongly tempted to just buy them. If they actually fit, I have a feeling I’d wear them a lot.)


11 thoughts on “Oh, Anthropologie, why must you torment me so?

  1. If the fabric is nice, and they are well constructed, then the pants will last you a long time. I personally will spend money on something that is A) hard to find
    B) Time consuming and difficult to make

    Can you find that kind of fabric? Do you really feel like drafting or modifying a pattern and fitting pants for days on end?

    If yes, then make them.

    If not, just splurge. It's not like you'll outgrow them. lol


  2. I was going to send you a photograph of a pattern that is exactly these pants. But I didn't know how to email you. However, I'll give you the pattern # and name.
    It is a burda easy #8848 in sizes 8-18 . If you would like to email me feel free to do so . Hope this helps you to be able to spend your birthday money more frivolously ,lol 😉



  3. Try it! Try it! The only thing unique about the pants is the lacing, which would be fun to do (or to have done, anyway). Why not work out your pants fitting issues while also sewing a really intriguing style?


  4. Those pants are SO YOU! If you can find the right fabric, maybe trying to make them is worth it. It's hard to see from the photos, but if they feature an inverted pleat on each front leg piece and decorative (not functional) lacing, I bet your jeans pattern could be modified quickly to give you this style.


  5. I think you should try it. To me they look similar to boat pants, with lacing. And if you have the fabric already then you have excuse for taking one more step towards mastering your nemesis.;)


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