Me-made March, days 1-4 (and other progress)

Skipping my outfit for today so far, because at the moment it’s more or less an exact repeat of Self-Stitched September’s day 10, minus the shoes since I’m just bumming at home for the moment. And also minus the dry hair…I will have to change later because I have a memorial service that I need to go to tonight, so maybe I’ll take a picture of that. But here’s days 1-4.

I did this as a collage in Picasa with numbers, but the numbers seem to not be showing up. Silly program. So this is going from top to bottom, then left to right.

Day 1: The me-made element is my Eva jacket. Otherwise, new-purchased pants/shoes/jewelry, thrifted top.

Day 2: Featuring my military-style corduroy jacket. Otherwise, new-purchased top and pants. (And shoes, though you can’t see them. Also, I kind of wish I’d worn grey pants instead, because I’m not too thrilled with this on camera.)

Day 3: Featuring the “Winter Beauty” top that I recently made, thrifted jeans, me-made earrings that you can’t really see, and new-purchased shoes.

Day 4: Featuring the “Lucky Bamboo” shirt– actually, the first time I’ve worn it during this colder season. (I’ll explain in a moment.) Also new purchased cami and jeans (the latter which I’m very strongly tempted to dissect and re-sew, because I love the back pockets but they’re uncomfortably big on me), and me-made jewelry which pre-dated the blog.

So about that last shirt….it’s been in a pile that I meant to put in the refashion pile all winter. Since I made the pattern myself, more or less, it ended up kind of big on me and I have to pull a good chunk of the actual shirt through the slit for the wrap ties in order to get it to lie flat up top. So I’ve been thinking about deconstructing that part and taking it in. But between that LBD that took forever and the serger problems I’ve been having over the last several months, it hasn’t happened. Nor did putting it in the actual pile, I’m sorry to say. So I rediscovered it when I was cleaning my room on Wednesday and figured why not, I’d just wear it, because it’s still really comfortable. And since I now wrap the ties all the way around like a belt, it’s really not that noticeable that I’m taking a quarter of the inner wrap with it. I hope..

It’s sad, but I’m already kind of dragging my feet about the daily photos. That, and feeling kind of bored with my options, since I’ve already been wearing most of them all winter. Which really doesn’t bode well, since it’s only day 5. But hopefully it’ll warm up soon and I’ll be more excited about it again.

But enough about that, let’s get to some craftiness! I’ve got 2 things in progress at the moment:

First off, my quickie sewing project that of course is taking much longer than expected. I’m using leftovers from that flowery peasant-type top I made last summer to make a case for a 15-pack of circular knitting needles that I recently bought off of Etsy. This is as far as I’ve gotten so far, because I’m going about this completely intuitively and probably not in the most intelligent manner. So I have to add binding to one more “page” (doing it book-style), add fabric to hide the batting that is currently the “cover”, and add some kind of closure.

.Secondly, I ended up starting the beret. Which is really black, but we all know how badly that photographs. I think greying it out with the flash shows the current progress much better anyway. I’m about 20 rows in, and will probably need to do at least 10 or 15 more before I start the actual beret top. I’m not sure, since it’s measured in inches instead of rows. I was originally hoping to get that done before next weekend so I could just focus on the wrap, but I’m thinking that might not happen now. It’s been one of those weeks where all sorts of wrenches got thrown into plans and things took longer than expected–not in a bad way, but in a way that hasn’t left me with as much time to work on these sorts of things as I’d hoped. But there it is.

On the plus side, look at the pretty knitting bag that my mom made for me!

It’s big enough to hold all of the yarn I have so far, as well as all of the needles and the folder I’ve put my printed-out patterns in and stuff. So this will make it a lot easier to pack for the crafty weekend!


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