My first knitted hat….awwww.

Actually, this one wasn’t bad to make. I wanted to use up the two mini-balls of yarn from the Constellation Gloves, and this pattern seemed to be a good match. Since the handwarmers helped me to get the hang of circular needles, the hat was super-easy. At least until I got to the decrease rows… then I got about four rows in and discovered that several stitches had slid off of the double-pointed needles I was working with at that point. I tried to pick them back up, but I think I must have messed it up, because when I got to the end of the fifth row, I had one stitch too many. So then I had to unravel all of that to find where I had things right again (with much moral support from a friend I was chatting online with at the time) and basically start that section over. But I was able to get through those last 13 rows yesterday with no more trouble, though I was very careful to make sure that the stitches were nowhere near the end of the needle once I was done with it!

It fits well, too, though I have to be careful how I wear my hair with it. Makes my head look a bit funny when my hair is behind my ears!

So now I’m trying to figure out what knitting project I should work with next. It’s either going to be this beret, which I bought the yarn for at the same time I bought this chunky stuff, or this wrap, which I bought the yarn for on Tuesday. (Organic cotton, on sale at Michael’s, and sooooo soft. Yum.) I’m kind of torn. It’s starting to warm up here now, slowly but finally, and so I won’t get much use out of the beret if I make it now. But it should also be a fairly quick project. On the other hand, I want to have the stitches I need to make the wrap (the new ones being yarn-over and some slip-knit 2-pass over thing) at least figured out by the second weekend in March, and preferably the wrap cast on. Doing another crafty-game-geeky weekend thing with my 2 crocheting buddies, who are quite excited that I’ve finally joined them on the yarn side, and I figured this would be a good project to take since I likely won’t finish it that quickly. Plus it’s repetitive enough that hopefully I will be ok to pay attention to chat and whatever sci-fi marathon we’re having. So maybe I should try to get that figured out first? I do still have sewing that needs to get done in the meantime….and that Etsy shop to keep adding things to…and, you know, those things called “work” and “friends”. So I probably wouldn’t get too far. Choices, choices…

7 thoughts on “My first knitted hat….awwww.

  1. Such a cute little beanie!! (I'm not sure if Americans know that word, but that is what we call that type of headgear in Australia)
    You did a fabulous job, and that yarn is gorgeous! Beautiful colours in it.


  2. Gorgous hat!

    I love the wrap. If I don't know what to cast on next, I tend to start both projects and then alternate between them according to which I'm in the mood for at the time!


  3. Anoriell

    I'm with Liz on this one. Why not start both projects and alternate according to mood? I think it's a plus as it might throw you into confusion at times when you swith from one to the next … which will help you work on the recognition of stitches and general knitting patterns. I tend to have between 3 and 8 projects going at the same time. Row counters and stitch markers are a must, however. Heh.

    Very cute beanie, indeed! Looks pretty with your hair color too! Great job! Keep at it … you're doing wonderful.



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