It’s a mod, mod world

Finished this one up at pretty much the stroke of midnight on Thursday (I guess Friday, technically), but didn’t get the pictures taken until today. I couldn’t pass up this knit print when I saw it at Joann’s sometime last year, and this pattern clicked almost instantly as the one to use–the lines were simple enough that I knew it would be perfect for it.

So here’s my quick and dirty pattern review:

I made this from Simplicity 2852, view E. Though I made a few modifications–lengthened the sleeves, and I ended up taking it in along the sides. Probably about a total of about 4″ all the way around, and it still hangs pretty loosely on me. Which makes for a pretty comfortable shirt, actually.

I also made the neckline out of a contrasting solid instead of a print, because the print was way too big for it to work on such a narrow piece. Unless I turned it sideways, and then things would be all screwy with the stretch. In the interest of using what I have on hand, this black knit is actually part of an old bedsheet! (The same one I cut from when I redid the Megatokyo shirt. And would you believe I still have quite a bit of it left? Good thing, since I have something in mind for it…)

Actually, I think that knit worked better than anything I could have easily bought for it. The solid knits at Joann’s tend to be a thicker interlock, and the weight of the jersey bedsheet worked much better with the drapey jersey knit print. So hurrah for recycling!

I wore this for the first time yesterday–as is for when I was bumming around the house, but I met up with some friends for dinner and threw on the belt for that to help cinch it in. Probably not the best one for the job, since I feel like the buckle is a bit distracting, but it was all I had on hand. So I may have to craft a thinner belt for things like this.

I think I’d use this pattern again, at least in the square yoke incarnations. Though I’ll have to remember to take it in, possibly even more than I did this time. And, should I decide to do Me-Made-March (I’m still wavering), this will give me a nice comfortable shirt for it!

A final note: one of the things I’m really trying to focus on this year is using things in my stash so I can try to get it down to a manageable level, so I’m going to update from time to time.  As I figured out earlier, I started off this year with approximately 273 yards of fabric. So far, I used about 1.7 yards of fleece on the boot stuffers, 2.5 yards on the Pendrell Blouse, and since I’m left with largish scraps but no actual yardage, I’m going to say that I used up the 2 2/3 yards of knit on this shirt. I’m not counting the knit used in the Winter Beauty top, because that was already cut out when I sorted through the fabric and so that fabric wasn’t counted. And I’m also not counting anything from my scrap bin, because that’s just way too anal for me. So that means that so far this year, I’ve used up nearly 7 yards of fabric, which gets me down to approximately 266 yards, give or take a few inches. (Technically, a little less, since I did have the LBD fabric in there, but I’m not sure how much I have left.)

So now I just have to figure out what to do with what’s left of this knit fabric….they’re large enough pieces that I feel bad about throwing them out, but I’m not sure I have enough to even squeeze a cami out of it.

3 thoughts on “It’s a mod, mod world

  1. Anoriell

    Love the shirt.

    And you could always make a pouch for knitting accessories (stitch markers, tiny scissors, row counters, etc.) with the leftover fabric. Or knitting needles case. Even if you already got one.

    One can never have too many of either of those. Most of my knitting friends usually have a minimum of 3 accessory pouches and 2 knitting needle cases in their knitting bag at all times. Myself, got one pouch, one leather case with magnetic interior and my knitting needle case.

    There's always yarn pouches too. For each project you got on the go.


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