leap of faith, knitting style

I ended up taking today off from working the Etsy thing again, mostly. Got some shop feedback from a free critique, and it looks like I’m going to need to entirely redo the 200+ photos I took on Saturday. Good, honest critique, but a bit frustrating, especially on top of what was already a rather frustrating day for multiple reasons. Not the least of which being that I somehow lost one half of a pair of earrings I made back in the fall, which I just realized that I forgot to actually post on here, but it was made to go with this shirt. Just fell right out of my ear, and I have no idea whether it was here, a parking lot, or somewhere in the church building where the school I teach band at is in, because I didn’t notice until I was up in the loft. That makes me sad.

So needless to say, I wasn’t really in the mood to work on anything connected to jewelry. So instead, I knitted up some gauge tests for two hats–this beret, and then I found this hat to use up the rest of the Constellation Gloves yarn on. The chunky yarn swatch went great–fits exactly on the needles it was supposed to, according to my little gauge tester card thingy. The beret is being a little more difficult. I tried a swatch last night on size 7, which it called for, and it was half an inch too small just going across, so I didn’t bother checking the height. Tonight, I tried size 8, which ended up being too big. Apparently, size 7.5 doesn’t exist. So I think I might just end up trying the 7s and hoping for the best.

I also took a leap of faith that I’m going to stick with knitting this time–tonight’s swatch test just confirmed what I already suspected, which is that I reeeeeeally prefer bamboo needles to aluminum. The latter are just way too slippery for me. And I already knew that Joann’s doesn’t have the circular needle size I need, at least as far as the cord length goes. There’s not even a spot for them at my local store. So while poking around online, I discovered this shop on Etsy that sells a set of 15 bamboo 16″ circular needles, ranging from sizes 0 to 15, for about the cost of buying 3 pairs of bamboo needles of whatever brand Joann’s and a lot of my other usual craft haunts is. It sounded too good to be true, but I checked the feedback and it was all positive, and in sufficient numbers to convince me that these could actually be decent. So I splurged and bought them. (And if you told me 3 months ago that I’d be building a stash of knitting needles, I would have laughed in your face.) So that’ll cover what I need for both hats….and I’ve heard it’s a good size for socks, too, which I wouldn’t put it past myself to try, since my feet get cold inside my boots in the winter! If I can find sock yarn that’s wool-free, anyway…

At least, I hope that I find things to make with these needles other than 2 hats!

Off to bed with me….definitely need to sleep off this day.

Edit: Yeah, changed the background again. I wanted something springier!


One thought on “leap of faith, knitting style

  1. I never really liked the feel of aluminum crochet hooks, either, but I use them because they usually have a smoother curve to the hook part, something I really need with fingering and lace yarns especially.

    For my second knitting project (https://acrobat.com/app.html#d=ak0yPfhfjLyQLgreEmMzmg), I bought some size 8 needles from Knitpicks.com; they're wood polished to the point of feeling like glass, they're so smooth, but still not slippery. I prefer them to how cold steel would feel, I'm certain. And they're pretty! 🙂 They also have wooden interchangeable tips for their circular needles. I plan on building up my needle collection from them slowly as I need new needles.


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