Pendrell Blouse!

First of all, the LBD update: the machine work is done! And I’ve finished all of the work of attaching the lining to the outside of the dress, so all I have left to do is hem the outside and the lining, add a hook and eye at the top of the zipper, and it’s done! Though the lining will be a bit of a time-consuming hem, because there’s enough of a length difference between that and the skirt that I’m going to have to add a bit of lace to even things up more.

So, since I had a free Saturday yesterday, I caught up on my Pendrell Blouse sewalong work–the finishing post went up on Friday, and I was about 3 posts behind. So, other than removing a few remaining basting stitches, this one is done.

 I like the pattern–the directions were very good, and though I spent a huge chunk of the sewing time paranoid that I wouldn’t be able to get it on, the FBA turned out beautifully, and I can still pull it on even though it’s zipperless. Sadly, I’m not convinced I like it on me. Part of it is the looser fit….

…though belting it in makes a huge difference, I think! (I need something to wear this belt with anyway–I’ve never actually worn it out of the house, because I’ve discovered that it doesn’t like to stay closed when over layers or clothes that have any bulk, i.e. everything I wear this time of year. But this blouse is thin enough that I think that it won’t be a problem.)

The main thing is the ruffles. I don’t mind the sleeve cap-like one, but I’m not entirely certain I like the look of the one in the seam. It’s kind of prominent, and I’m not generally a ruffle girl. In fact, I was originally going to do it without the seam ruffle, but ended up changing the plan at the last minute so I wouldn’t end up with a half-yard of fabric left to try and find a use for later. So I’m trying to decide whether to leave it and see if it grows on me, or try and remove it. (Removing it would be rather difficult, since this fabric frays quite a bit, and the edges are finished in a serged seam.) What do you think?


11 thoughts on “Pendrell Blouse!

  1. Anoriell

    I'm not a ruffle girl either but I think the sleeves are nice as is, to be honest.

    And definitely go with the belt. Totally changes the look and fits you great!!!

    ::two thumbs up::


  2. I actually really like the ruffles! Let them grow on you! 😉

    I think part of the fit-issue you might be seeing is the proportion of the length on your body. I would try pinning it up some inches, and see if that looks better. I do like it alot belted – shows off your curves!


  3. I did fiddle around with making it shorter–the main difficulty with that is that since I almost always wear shirts untucked, making it long enough that it wouldn't flash my belly when I raise my arms left the hemline sitting right at the biggest part of my hips! Not exactly where I want to draw attention, so I left it longer.

    And thanks for the votes of confidence on the ruffles…a different look for me, but nothing wrong with trying something new, right?


  4. I like the ruffles… definately belt it. also if you wore a long necklace.. something simple but around 20″ or so it would really pull this outfit together. a dark jean or a black slack would dress this up considering your belt is black. throw on a heel and your good for a nice dinner or business casual.


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