A tale of two cases

Doing this as a separate post from the blouse…easier this way.

This was this afternoon’s work. My birthday’s coming up, and my present from my parents came in early, so they went ahead and gave it to me so I could start using it–they got me a Kindle! I am most definitely NOT planning on getting rid of all of my paper books, but I do have a largish collection of classics that I’ve picked up from the thrift store, many of which are not in the best condition, and can actually replace a lot of those for free through the Amazon store. (Everything published before 1923 is in the public domain, and so Amazon has a lot of those free of charge. So I spent a good chunk of time browsing through the store and picking up several of those, as well as a few newer books that were free on special. Haven’t actually purchased a book yet.) So I’m going to donate those books back to the thrift store and clear up some room on my overloaded bookshelf–I’ve only had it for about a year and a half and one of the shelves is already visibly bending from the weight of the books!

Of course, having the Kindle means I needed something to protect it when carrying it in my bag. So I found some fleece and fabric in my scrap bin and got to work…

…and came up with this. Sadly, I slightly underestimated how much extra room I’d need for the zipper, and while I could get the Kindle in and out, it was an uncomfortably tight squeeze through the teeth. Plus the zipper went kind of wonky in the top, anyway. What can I say….this is what happens when I try to sew on 4 1/2 hours’ sleep.

So I got some more fabric and fleece out and tried again…

…and ended up with this. Different direction on the zipper, slightly bigger this time.

It’s still a bit of a tighter squeeze to get the Kindle in than I’d prefer–which I don’t understand, because I specifically tested how it would go passing the thing through after I had the front all sewn together! But it’s workable, at least for now. Not letting the other case go to waste, either–during a recent Joann’s trip, I picked up my first pair of knitting needles (some double-pointed size 10 ones, because I thought there was a chance I might have to use larger needles to get the gauge to work. So far, I knit very tightly. And shows what I know, since I had to go down a size to get the thing to fit better!) So I stuck those and the yarn-weaving needle in there. Less chance I’ll lose the needle that way!

2 thoughts on “A tale of two cases

  1. Anoriell

    So THAT's what you were working on. Meanwhile, I was knitting!

    GREAT project! And awesome on the Kindle as a b-day present!

    Both cases are lovely. Like the fabrics chosen for the two. So glad you kept the other one and found a use for it. Hehe … knitting stuff. Seriously, who would've thought! But I am most happy for you, knitting buddy! ;o)

    Hmmm … any pics of the handwarmer? Yeah, I'm curious. Progress pic looked so nice!


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