LBD progress (mostly)

As of yesterday, I think I have the bodice done, other than installing the zipper. I’m not entirely certain…I’m having a bit of paranoia that with all of the layering from the 2 layers of outer fabric, the underlining and the lining, it’s not going to fit once I put the zipper in. So I think my next step is going to be to baste that in before I sew the skirt on, just to double-check the fit. Hopefully it’ll be fine, but I’d rather know if I have to let it out now while it’s relatively easier to fix.

Anyway, here’s where it stands:

As it turns out, since I was a bit worried about the ruching in the front, it lays better when the back is closed up. So I didn’t have to redo that. (Though I still wish it would work a little better at the top there….)

….and the back. The straps connecting the back to the halter lay better on me than the dummy. This is just pinned closed for now, obviously. But at least now I have some visible progress! And I suspect that adding the skirt will go fairly quickly, although I may need to work on the lining a bit. Since I ended up having to use some of that to underline the skirt as well, the lining is probably going to be several inches shorter than the actual skirt, and so I think I’m going to have to find a creative way to extend that. I’ll probably be going to Joann’s tomorrow to see if they have some kind of wide trim I can use.

In other news, I finished my second knitting project last night! This is one of the “Dirty Girl Washcloths” from The Chicks With Sticks Guide To Knitting. So I think I’ve got the purl thing down decently, as well as switching from knit to purl–a lot easier now that I know that you have to flip the yarn over the needle a different way to switch it! (I was trying to figure it out on my own one night and kept ending up with two stitches instead of one.)

I’m playing around with learning how to do a basic increase now, because the next thing I want to tackle is these handwarmers. But not with their yarn, because, you know, wool and I don’t get along. So I’m going to be using this Serenity Chunky Weight yarn in Forest. Hopefully it’ll turn out ok– I actually have to figure out gauge for this one. And how to knit in the round on double-pointed needles. Oh yeah, this will be interesting.


4 thoughts on “LBD progress (mostly)

  1. Anoriell

    Well done on the knitting! Those dischcloths are SO practical. You're doing quick progress on learning new stitches and techniques, imo. ::two thumbs up:: You'll get to those handwarmers soon enough.

    Bravo on the LBD! I know so little about sewing … but when I look at that back … wowswers. Looks complicated. I just admire you for toughing through it all. Good stuff! ;o)


  2. The design on the back of the LBD is so elegant. You might consider hand picking your zip. This will enable you to be very precise and to get through the layers.


  3. Looking good so far! Both of the projects.

    And I'm going to repeat myself and tell you not to be afraid of double-pointed needles and knitting in the round. It's easier than it seems. Because some of the tricky features of normal knitting are not present. You're doing very well so far, and you'll soon be the queen of knitting!
    (I love the colours of your washcloth, BTW.)


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