Slow show

My plan for today was to hole up in my bedroom (the warmest room in the house) and sew all day. Which was a success. I worked from approximately 10:30 this morning to about 15 minutes ago, with breaks for meals and making several cups of tea to try and appease the sore throat I’ve been fighting all week. And this is pretty much all I have to show for it:

That is one half of the bodice. To be fair, I do have the lining ready to sew into the second half. And there was a LOT of hand-sewing involved in this. And a lot of ripping out. The process went something like this: Sew the seam. Rip out the basting that holds the underlining to the fabric on both sides and the two pieces together from when I was fitting this. Repeat on the lining. (Plus I had to add more thread tracing on the lining anyway so I could see what I was doing.)

And then for the seams I needed to sew the lining to, I needed to catch-stitch everything to the underlining. Which in this case, was the neckline, the armhole and the upper back for both sides. And then stitch the lining in by hand, except I can’t finish that yet because I still need to add the straps and allow enough room for sewing in the zipper. (Which I hope I can find, because I seem to have misplaced it somewhere in the process of dissecting the dress enough for machine sewing. Grr.)

So I only had time to stitch in one of those lining pieces, in the end. But it looks really nice going right up to the edge like that, doesn’t it?

I think this project is becoming a HUGE learning experience. So I’m not sorry I’m doing it. I think I’ll be able to use the underlining technique again, and this is giving me plenty of practice to improve my hand-sewing skills! But I am starting to get a bit anxious to get this together, just because it’s kind of crazy that it’s taken me this many hours of prep work to get just one piece of the dress not quite done. I can understand why couture pieces are so expensive now. (And if I ever put this much work into any one dress again after this, there had better be an amazing guy and a marriage license waiting for me at the end of it!)

Also, thanks for all the encouragement on my last post! I have plans to start on a new project to work on my purling skills–nothing major, just a dishcloth. But as requested, I will continue to show my progress in learning this new skill.


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