I finished my scarf today! Not my first one, since I had a disaster attempt back in college. There’s really nothing very exciting about this scarf, since it’s entirely knit stitch and made out of some worsted-weight acrylic yarn that could probably be found at any craft store. Except that it’s the first scarf I ever made that actually worked. It has the same amount of stitches at the beginning that it does at the end, it didn’t get wider or narrower, and I only had to rip stuff out once.

A closer-up view of the yarn-this is probably closer to the actual color. It has this one strand of variegated shinier fiber, which I like.

Since I like to name my projects, I’m going to call it my “Winter Winds” scarf, after this song, because the album it came off of ended up being my favorite musical find of last year. And the title is highly appropriate, since this is meant to keep those out. And they just look like they’re having a lot of fun in the video.

Next step: learn how to purl. And maybe put the stitches on the needle myself this time. Though I think I’ll try it on something smaller. Like a dishcloth.

But not yet. Since it’s supposed to be insanely cold tomorrow and I have no plans to go outside of the house, tomorrow is going to be a massive sewing day on the black dress!


4 thoughts on “Success!

  1. Anoriell

    Woohoo! CONGRATULATIONS on that! Success! I'm so happy for you! And purl is your next step? You go girl!

    Seriously though, I'm glad you're enjoying the knitting. It's so easy to carry and therapeutic, imo. I love mindless knitting.

    Keep us posted on your next projects! And don't forget to try knitting on circular needles someday. Easier on the wrists. ;o)


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