progress update

Hey, look, a dress! Though this isn’t finished by any means–far from it, in fact. This is just the completely hand-basted together version that I’m tweaking the fit on. I think I’m pretty close, although I’m having some issues in the chest area. And a bit in the waist as well. And to answer the comment that Cheryl Designs made in the last post for the muslin, yes, I do have the bra issue figured out. (Getting it to stay up, however, seems to be another issue entirely….stupid expensive strapless bra that apparently isn’t working as well as it did even two months ago!)

Regarding that fitting issue–with a little help from Donna, this is what those pleats are doing. Ugh. Not a flattering side view at all. So I’m trying to figure out if I’d be better off doing stitched down pleats, or darts, or other more complicated tweaks. Hopefully Susan (the class instructor) will have an answer for me on that soon.

In other news, the scarf is coming along. Somewhat. I ended up having to rip about an inch and a half out yesterday because I discovered that somehow, I knitted a hole into it. I’m not really sure how. It is gone now, but I haven’t recovered all the ground I’d previously made last night. Maybe I’ll catch up a bit tonight–I’m somewhat under the weather so I’m skipping rock climbing. Also, my mother is a bad influence, because she’s the one who pointed out what ended up being my first knitting book purchase when the two of us were out at Joann’s yesterday. (I did not buy fabric. Just $.99 patterns. Because I need to use up that ginormous stash somehow!) Obviously, I can’t make anything in this book any time soon, but this will serve as good motivation for me to actually keep working at it, because I really love several of the patterns!

Such as this one…

(The “Aethelwyne” mittens)

….and this one (the “Blackthorn” gloves–yes, those are corset-laced on top!)

And also this one (the “Tapisserie” arm warmers.) As well as several others in there. Guess I’d better keep chipping away at that scarf so I can at least move on to purl stitch, and getting one step closer to being able to actually make one of these! (Or several….after all, cold hands is a constant issue for me, especially this time of year!)


2 thoughts on “progress update

  1. Well, the dress is definitely coming along, if slowly. I'm sure you'll be able to figure out a solution to the pleats. I like the lines of the thing so far.

    Did you ever see Hitchcock's Vertigo? At the beginning the friend Midge has this strapless, backless bra on the table supposedly modeled after cantilever bridges. It sounds ridiculous, but I've always kind of wondered if that bra actually worked. 🙂


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