I’ve spent hours and hours over the last 3 days basting all of my underlining to the outer fabric of the dress. And a big chunk of today getting the bodice all basted together.

I have to admit, the underlining process has been rather a pain. I guess I didn’t really know how to handle silk organza, because it kept shifting around on me, and half of the time, the marks had disappeared before I actually got to the basting. (For the record, this was using tracing wheels and chalky pencils and that sort of thing, not disappearing markers.) If it hadn’t been for that, I think it would have been ok–the crepe de chine on the skirt went much more smoothly.

Unfortunately, I can’t show any pictures right now, because I basted in the zipper (into the wrong seam, because I guess it’s just that kind of day), and the bodice is HUGE on me. I’m going to have to take it in all over, I think. And then re-mark all of the seams.

But I guess it’s better to know now, while it’s only hand-basting and easier to fix, right?

(This dress had better look really good in the end. Because right now I’m kind of frustrated with it. Can you tell?)


One thought on “Drat.

  1. Anonymous

    It was definitely worth all that handbasting, then! Much easier to redo than if you had bombed ahead by machine. And too big is better than too small, for sure.



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