I like big boots and I cannot lie…

(Sorry…couldn’t resist the pun.)

Anywhoo…still no word from the instructor about that muslin, so I went ahead and did a quickie project.

I really do like my big tall boots. I started wearing them somewhere in the vicinity of the end of high school/beginning of college, and they’ve been my go-to winter shoe ever since. And I have to buy some pretty pricey ones in order to fit my oddly-sized feet (note to shoe manufacturers: extra-wide feet does not automatically equal extra-wide calves), so I pretty much literally wear them until they fall apart. (Actually, the first pair I got, I still have even though there’s holes in the sole of the heel– I’ve used them as my pirate costume boots with a little help from some self-stitched gaiters, and also as riding boots one summer that I took lessons, between my two years of grad school.) So this is to help them last a little longer, because they flop over at the ankles when I put them back in the closet after a day.

I got the idea from a recent post at Craft Apple, and it was really simple to sew–basically just an open-ended tube that’s stuffed and tied. And everything was stuff I had on hand: the fabric was from my scrap bin that I put together in last week’s organization binge, the cording was left over from lacing up the back of one of my Lord of the Rings-inspired costumes, and the stuffing actually busted an entire piece from my stash! I had almost a yard of this canary-colored fleece that I think was given to me for free, because I can’t think of any reason I would have bought it. And I had absolutely no idea what to do with it. So I chopped the entire piece into smaller bits and used that to stuff these. It might sound kind of wasteful, but in a way it was actually pretty practical–if I ever need to clean these since they’re inside my shoes, I can just untie the bags, dump all the stuffing into a mesh laundry bag and it’s completely machine-washable. And like I said, I couldn’t think of anything I’d actually sew out of it anyway. So there.One yard down, a thousand to go. Or something like that.

I’ll make a second set at some point– I have brown boots that are even older than these and also need some love. And I think I have just enough of the batik print left for a second pair. So I just need to figure out what to stuff it with. Maybe that yard of royal blue fleece that I’m also not sure what to do with…


2 thoughts on “I like big boots and I cannot lie…

  1. Oh, I know that problem of width… the other way round. My feet are rather narrow, but I have normal-width calves (if there's anything that's “normal” :D), so in many cases boots that fit me on the feet cannot be zippered up!
    It's clever. I hope this helps your boots last longer!


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