Almost there!

So here’s the muslin for my little black dress now. Not entirely what it’s going to look like, since the armhole curves aren’t quite tucking in with the ginormous seam allowances, and the midriff part is going to have a gathered piece over top of it. Plus the skirt was only pinned up roughly when I took the pics. (I stuck it on Donna and marked it/chopped it to a more reasonable length afterward.) But I think the fit is pretty good now! I’m amazed that I had to do so little to the bodice, actually–had to do a bit of tweaking where it hit the midriff to get it to stop gapping, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that the neckline was pretty much perfect as it was. I thought for sure I’d have to raise it, but as long as it’s not gapping, it’s good.

And these back straps are pretty awesome, actually. I really like that. (Please ignore the unsightly blob in the bottom of the picture– as you can see, I was resting it on my shoulder to take the picture in the mirror, and obviously I somewhat missed.)

So that’s where things stand on my dress now– I’m waiting to get the go-ahead from the class instructor before I move on to phase 2, which is going to be making this muslin into a pattern/marking everything on the underlining/ basting all of that to the actual fabric. As soon as I figure out which side of the fabric I actually want to use–there’s a matte side and a more shiny side to it. (I’d take pictures, but you know, black fabric never shows up right.) I’m actually thinking the matte side just so I can more easily make it work with the dress it up/dress it down thing, but I do love shiny things… And I also need to figure out just what, exactly, I’m going to underline the skirt with. I’m not sure it will have the right drape if I use the silk organza, but I’m also not sure I have enough of the silk crepe de chine that I got for the lining to use that.

The cotton/silk blend washed up wonderfully–it’s SO soft to the touch! I think I’m going to end up with some leftovers from it, because even though when I laid out the pattern on the muslin to estimate the yardage, and didn’t attach the lower piece of the long skirt, I didn’t realize that the skirt was going to be quite so long as is. So I ended up chopping at least 8 or 9 inches off of the muslin! I’m hoping that maybe I have enough left over to make myself some kind of sleeveless blouse from the rest, because I suspect it would be wonderful to wear in the summer!

I just may have to do some kind of quickie project this afternoon, though, because I have some time to sew and I don’t want to waste it on waiting!


2 thoughts on “Almost there!

  1. Cheryl Designs

    Hi 🙂 Your back straps fit PERFECTLY 🙂 I want to suggest deciding on whatever you are wearing on your 🙂 A bra or attached cups or nothing 🙂 This makes a HUGE difference in fitting your dress. I am a seamstress. I alter clothing for a living 🙂 Sometimes my customers just do NOT understand the importance of wearing the correct bra (or not) while fitting their gown/dress. Undergarments make a big difference in the fit of your clothing.

    Continue with the great work, I'm sure it will be lovely 🙂


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