I think maybe I have too much fabric.

My big project for this week has not actually involved sewing– I spent several hours throughout the week and the majority of today measuring, sorting, re-folding and cutting samples of every piece of fabric I have. (Meaning actual yardage, not the biggish scraps that are too big to throw away but too small to bother recording.) Grand tally: 8 overflowing bins of fabric (not even including the stuff I got for the little black dress class, which was washed and dried this afternoon and is now sitting on the sewing machine table), 2 big bins full of clothes to refashion, one bin of muslin and old bedsheets to use as muslin, one bin of larger remnants and one bin of smaller scraps that are still too big to throw away. So that’s 13 bins full of stuff. Wow. I didn’t think it was that bad.

Needless to say, I think I could probably easily go for the next 3 years at least without buying fabric and still have plenty left to sew. I’ve gotta use some of this up. In fact, since it’s still early enough in the year that I haven’t actually sewed anything other than my dress muslin (still in progress– I was hoping to do more with it today, but I think that’s going to have to wait for tomorrow), I just might try and keep track to see just how much I can use up this year. If I could knock out at least an entire bin’s worth of stuff and manage to not add to it, that would be pretty great.

And thanks for all the feedback on my last post! There were good points on both sides. At the moment, I’m giving knitting a go, namely because my mom could show me how to do it and get it started for me. Plus with a sister-in-law and two close friends who crochet, figured it might be good to do something else! (Particularly since Julia and Cassie both seem to like crocheting things for me as gifts.) So I’m borrowing a set of Mom’s knitting needles and using a ball of yarn from her stash. So far, I’m at around 20″ of a knit-stitch-only scarf, and it looks like it’s staying about the same width. Which is a huge improvement over my last knitting attempt, which was somewhere in the vicinity of college and resulted in a scarf that was at least twice as wide at the end I finished than the end I started with. (No pictures yet, since I don’t have time to take them, and it’s not really that exciting-looking at the moment.) I’ve also discovered that knitting works way better than reading when I’m on the exercise bike here–it’s a recumbent one, meaning an actual chair with pedals in front, and it’s easier for me to do the knitting than to try to hold the book steady enough to actually read the words.

But if this actually takes, I’m really going to try to stick with only purchasing yarn for projects as I actually need them. Because I don’t need any more bins of stuff.

Edit, 1/26: Just for the heck of it (and morbid curiosity), I just added up the numbers. According to my notebook, I was in possession of approximately 273 yards of fabric. That number isn’t entirely accurate now, since I’ve cut up several yards since then for the LBD and a few other things. But, WOW. I wonder if it would be a reasonable goal to try to knock at least a hundred yards off of this list? Because that’s kind of ridiculous! (At least I didn’t actually buy all of it…there was a pretty big chunk added from the free stuff I got just before Christmas.)


3 thoughts on “I think maybe I have too much fabric.

  1. Sounds like a great idea to get your Mum's help. The most frustrating thing as a beginner is to hit a stumbling block and not have someone to get you over it.

    Get sewing while you can! Because if you catch the knitting bug, you're gonna need empty bins to stash your yarn! hee hee!


  2. I did exactly the same with my fabric stash at New Year last year. I then kept a record of fabric in and out for the year.

    It's a very interesting exercise.

    It didn't seem to stop me buying fabric (I was 20 metres up by the end of the year and that was after making 27 garments and giving away about 30 metres during the year…).

    But it did give me a very good feel for what I had and how much, and the stash is now nicely organised.


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