A little thinking is a dangerous thing…

Assuming that the annual war between winter weather and my social life doesn’t recommence, I’m going to be spending the evening on Friday hanging out with my sis-in-law, a mutual friend and some of her friends for a crafty night. And I’ve been scrambling for something to do–I’ve found that jewelry and scrapbooks require hauling too much stuff, and I don’t always have handwork to do on my sewing projects.

I’m doing something unheard of…I’m seriously wondering whether I need to give knitting or crocheting another chance. Just to have something for crafting on the go. Because this is always an issue when those situations come up.

I know a lot of you out there do both… any recommendations on which one, if any, I should attempt again? I know knitting only has two stitches and crochet has a lot, but my crocheting friends tell me knitting is harder to learn. I will gladly take any feedback you all have!


6 thoughts on “A little thinking is a dangerous thing…

  1. I vote for knitting! I'm a slow knitter because I really do it only when I can't sew (in the car, watching TV, visiting, etc) and I love to have the skill for the times just like you mentioned. I prefer knitting to crochet because I think it is easier to find patterns for things I actually want to make and wear/use. If you knit Continental style as opposed to throwing the yarn, it is very similar to crochet.


  2. Crochet is faster than knitting, so it has that going for it. And all those fancy crochet stitches are really just different configurations of the same four stitches or so. On the down side, it takes more yarn than knitting does.


  3. Here's the thing. . . I've been crocheting for about 15 years, and I've been trying to learn to knit for about 2 (off and on). I think that crocheting is easier, but there are so many neat knitting patterns out there now. So, even though I crochet, I'm going to vote that you learn to knit. You'll be thankful in the end that you did.


  4. I vote for crocheting. First of all, it's really just the same basic 3 or so stitches (like someone earlier said, the fancier stitches just work off those) and the majority of the patterns just call for the basics anyway. Second of all, it's faster. Third of all: Yes, knitting is something very useful to learn and I'm trying to learn myself now, (the patterns are more plentiful and most clothing items are knit vs crochet) but it would seem that the whole thing of learning to knit would be too much for just the occasional endeavor (which this sounds like it would be for you). If you forget where you are in the pattern in knitting, it's very hard to find your place again (at least it is for me). Plus, just the basics of learning (at least for me have been) very hard to keep up with if I'm not working on it every day. Know what I mean? Of course, that could just be me and MY issues! 🙂

    Of course, on the other side of it, I've heard lots of people say that if you learn to knit first, crocheting is easier to learn. But, if you learn crocheting first, knitting is very hard to learn. I'm finding this personally to be true, because I'm finding knitting very hard to learn but I've been crocheting since I was 12 (and that's ALOT of years!).

    Either one you choose though, you can't lose! So, just go have fun!


  5. I knit and crochet. I think crochet is a little more mobile as your hook is smaller and you only ever have one “live” stitch at a time. On the flip side, there do seem to be more knitting patterns out there.

    Neither craft is hard – but the hardest part is getting started; establishing how you hold the needles or hook and how you move your hands to form the basic stitch. Once you've mastered that, you'll be up and away! My mum showed me the basics of knitting and I taught myself the rest from books. Likewise I attended a half day crochet workshop and again taught myself the rest from books.

    So maybe choose your craft based on what face-to-face teaching you can access now? Talk to your crafty friends and see if anyone can spare a couple of hours to get you started!


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