2010 in review…

Drat….my plan to work on the Anthro-inspired shirt didn’t work out very well at all. I got it all cut out and started sewing it together…but then my serger broke. Again. So it’s in the shop. Again. (A different one than the first time–this time I took it back to the place where I bought it. It’s the timing issue again– I broke 2 needles in about 10 minutes just trying to sew a basic side seam:. And this was only maybe the third time I’ve really used it since the last repair, since a lot of what I’ve spent my time on in the last few months have been serger-less jackets with a ton of Hong Kong seams and serger-less pattern testing. I hope the fix takes this time…. I got something like 7 pieces of fabric for Christmas, and 6 of them are knits!

But to take my mind off of that…time for the annual year-end roundup! Let’s see how I did this year…  

7 Things I hoped to accomplish in 2010 (revisited):

1. I’d like to give myself a little bit of a style makeover, or at least give it a kick in the pants to make it fun again. Along those lines, I’d also like to start making more of a conscious effort to make sure I have things that will go with other things. The crafting translation is that I’ll need to either make or acquire (preferably make) some basics that will help to tie some of my beloved funky prints in better.

I think I mostly succeeded in this one, thanks to my little personal style project that I spent the first several months of the year on. Self-Stitched September was a big help too, since it forced me to think about the entire outfit. Still feel like my winter wardrobe needs a colorful kick in the pants, because it’s only the end of December and I’m already tired of most of the things I’ve been wearing, but oh well.. (I hear there’s going to be another monthly challenge in May or March or one of those M months…it would be interesting to try this again in a different season.) As for making basics, I did manage to make some things in solid colors, like a couple of knit tops and a basic black skirt. So that’s something.

2. I’d like to sew at least 4 Burda mag patterns this year. That gives me an average of one every 3 months…not unreasonable, right?

Let’s see: 1 (and a half), 2, 3, 4. And a half, because technically I sewed most of this last year but I fixed it this year. Either way, I win!

3. I’d like to make a significant dent in getting caught up on my scrapbooks.   

Once again, pretty much a fail. Considering I haven’t really touched anything having to do with it in at least 6 months. I blame the jewelry.

4. I’d like to continue with trying to use more of my stash than I buy new, for fabric, paper and beads.

I can’t really say I used up paper, but I didn’t buy more. And I did give a pretty big stack away via Freecycle. I definitely used up some beads this time. Fabric….I did use up some pieces that had been sitting in my stash for quite some time. But I did definitely buy some things. Several of which I used right away, but a few that had leftovers. And I recently got another stack of fabric, but it was free. So I probably broke even on this one.

5.  I’d like to finish getting this room put together, including the sewing projects for it. Preferably sooner rather than later.

My room’s still not completely done–there’s still some details, like I need to finish a dresser (still), and hang a couple of things on the walls. Which I should probably at least do the latter, because I’ve been in here over a year now and that doesn’t require being outside where it’s cold like the dresser would.  But I did do an ottoman, finish a quilt, make several curtains, and the pillows. Overall a success.

6. I’d like to continue working on learning how to alter and fit patterns. My specific goal for this one is to apply what I learned in last year’s skirt-making class to make both a skirt from my master pattern, and a well-fitting skirt from applying those principles to a new pattern.

Well, I didn’t get to the skirt this year. Still in the queue. The jeans class was probably the biggest distraction on that. But it does count as fitting work!

7. I’d like to try at least one craft technique that I haven’t before. (At this point, I’m thinking screenprinting, since I have a gift project in mind that practically requires it, and there’s no way I’m getting to that before the end of this year!)

Success! (I also played around with wire wrapping, which I hadn’t really done before, for a couple of pairs of earrings that were for the craft show.)

What I’d like to do in 2011:

Rather than post numbers, I’m just going to go by category this time.

Sewing: I’d like to continue working on fitting–now that I’m armed with Donna 2.0, the two new fitting books I also got for Christmas, and a lot more practice at muslin making! My goal, I think, will be to learn the basic alterations I need to make a well-fitting skirt (because it’s the easiest and I’ve already started) and shirt. Supermega bonus points if I finally succeed on the jeans that I’ve been trying to make, oh, since I started this blog.

Thanks to a few of the blogs I started following this year (particularly Gertie’s, Tasia’s and Sunni’s), I’m finding that I’m getting a lot more interested in things like finishing techniques and other more “couture” touches. So this is something I’d like to play around with more as well. I guess that I’m beginning to venture more into the quality over quantity school of clothes sewing. I know I’ll learn a bit, at least, thanks to the Little Black Dress class coming up in January.

Another major point for me is organization. Because let’s face it, I’m the stereotypical crafty pack rat slob. I’m going to be realistic here and say that I just want to get my fabric and patterns reorganized in order to enable me to effectively use up a good chunk of my stash (since that’s a perpetual goal of mine). But it would be nice if I could also get myself to the point where my sewing space is organized enough that I’m not constantly doing things like setting down my scissors or seam ripper and then losing them!

Last thing in this category: I want to get back into the reconstruction end of things a little more. I feel like I kind of got away from it this past year, but it’s a fun and completely different challenge to start with a garment instead of a flat piece of fabric and a pattern. I like the looser approach to it, and I feel like I’ve learned some useful skills from it. The idea of the Wardrobe Refashion Wednesdays was fun, but not very realistic with how my schedule’s turned out. But I do have a fairly decent-sized stash of clothes that are either intended for recons or already torn up for that, so I want to play with that along with my actual fabric. I’m going to set myself a goal of one reconstruction a month, because sometimes those can be really quick projects and they would still count.

Jewelry: I guess the big thing here is figuring out whether this little Etsy shop thing is going to work out! But I do want to continue chipping away at the bead stash, and playing around with some new techniques. The craft fair stuff got me playing a little more with wirework instead of just stringing, and I’d like to continue along those lines, I think.

Scrapbook: Honestly, at this point I’m thinking that I need to either find a way to better integrate this into my crafty life, or just let it go. I’m reluctant to just give up on this, because when I do work on it, I enjoy it. And I like being able to look back at the old ones and relive the memories that way–it’s kind of therapeutic sometimes, especially when I get into my “everything about being single sucks” moods and then I can go back and look at the fun times again. But it seems like every new year, I make a goal to catch up on it some, and every year, I get to the end and have barely done a thing. So I need to evaluate this. At this point, even something as simple as doing the photo layouts on a page with the captions would do– I don’t have to do the pages all fancy all the time. Must think about this.

And finally, the tally for this year:

Sewn stuff:
Tops: 11 (3 reconstructed)
Cardigan sweaters: 2 (both sewn, 1 reconstructed)
Jackets: 2 (though you’ll only see one on here, since BurdaStyle has the other and it won’t be seen until next fall)
Skirts: 2 (1 reconstructed)
Dresses: 3 (2 reconstructed)
No pants, unless you count two attempts at muslining jeans…
PJs: 1 set
Total garments:  20 (I thought I did a lot less than last year, but I glanced at last year’s and I was only 3 garments less.)
Bags: 2
Home decor stuff: 1 quilt, 3 sets of curtains, an ottoman recover, 4 pillows
Gifts: Apron, TARDIS tissue box cover, 6 baby bibs

Scrapbook stuff: I could only find pics of 3 pages on here. But I’m sure I must have worked on more than that–probably somewhere in the 6-10 range.

I think jewelry wins for this year, thanks to the craft fair. Between that (which I did tally up before the day of) and the stuff I made for myself (which was mostly the Elements series) or for friends, it was somewhere in the vicinity of 42 necklaces, 56-60 pairs of earrings, and 12 bracelets. And since it won’t fit anywhere in any other category, I’m going to say those 4 embellished crochet hooks go here too.

As for favorites, I think my favorite sewn-from scratch is a toss-up between the Ayden shirt and the flowery jacket. Favorite recon, hands-down, is that Indian tunic top.  And going by the jewelry not made for the craft fair, I think I liked the “Air”element jewelry the most.

And that pretty much wraps it up….happy crafty new year, everyone!


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