Wrapping up…

Since the end of the year is approaching rapidly, figured I’d best catch up! Plus it gave me an excuse to play with Picasa’s collage-making feature. (I used to play with Photoshop all the time, but this one’s so much faster/Blogger-friendly. And Picasa organizes my photos too, so added bonus.) Anyway, starting from the top left corner: a jasper/metallic seed bead/resin pendant necklace, jasper with a copper focal thing (not sure what the technical term for those are), black seed beads/vaguely Celtic silver spacers with a jewel-style flower pendant, some kind of resin nugget beads with shell bits in them (and a matching pendant), a teapot filled with a tiger-eye bead on a chain with crystal beads, and some kind of teal stone in a metal frame on a chain, all for my mom’s Christmas present. (She wanted me to make her some necklaces from the things she’s had lying around.)

And then the other necklace and earrings were my Christmas crafty project this year–one of my flute students’ moms was one of my few customers at the craft fair and so she knows I make jewelry, and so their Christmas gift to me was the beads that those were made from. I was particularly pleased with how the earrings turned out, because a) I’m still pretty new to playing with wire, and b) by the happy accident of me not being able to find my earring hooks before I made them (I was searching for them in another room during commercial breaks because I didn’t want to miss the concert I was watching on tv), I ended up using a couple of the kidney-style hooks. Which means that both the necklace and earrings are reversible– I can either show the smooth iridescent side of the shell discs, or the more mottled side that you can somewhat see in the earring closeup picture, depending on my mood and outfit. (I’m going to have to make sure I have something in my wardrobe that goes with this, especially for the warmer weather, because this definitely looks like a summer set to me.)

In other news, you remember that Anthropologie shirt I’m drooling over? Well, I was supposed to go to a party for the staff of my retail job tonight, but when I got to the designated party place, absolutely no one was there and the house was all dark and everything. So I took it as a sign that I was meant to go home and work on that instead, and spent a couple of hours pinning and draping with the scraps from the basic shirt I’m using as my starting point. That’s all done now, and since I don’t have any teaching tomorrow, sewing is definitely in the plan. In fact, as long as my serger cooperates, I may get it entirely done tomorrow–the original shirt looks like the edges aren’t really hemmed, and I’m thinking I’m going to give it a rolled hem. (It all depends on if my serger cooperates, because I haven’t been able to get the tension right ever since I had to take it to the shop. Not to mention I have to rethread it to get a closer color, and that always seems to take me five times longer than it should….)


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