Not dead yet.

I just haven’t had a whole lot to show or tell lately. Still chipping away at Muslin 2.0 for the jeans, and still haven’t solved the fitting puzzles yet. I think this one’s closer than the last class’s, but I’m still having some weird issues I haven’t been able to resolve yet.

I miss sewing things that are for real. Trying not to think of January, in which I’ll be taking another class on Pattern Review that will require me to make a muslin.

Also had my first craft fair experience. Rather than rehash the whole thing, I’ll just refer you to the post I made on my newer jewelry-business-only blog.

I do have a bit of inspiration to share, at least. Work was super-slow today, so after the manager didn’t have anything else for me to do, I spent some time window shopping on Anthropologie. And fell in love with this:

There’s just so many things I love about this top–the ginormous cowl, the ruffles at the bottom, the fact that the sleeves are super-long-looking with the scrunches and would therefore probably fit my arms perfectly, etc. What I don’t love is that it’s made from wool, so I wouldn’t actually be able to wear it. Technically, this is a sweater, but I think I can pull some inspiration from it for a lovely knit top. I’ve been thinking/saying I need some things to brighten up the blahness that is my winter wardrobe anyway, so this might be just the thing. Since I have about 2 yards of teal interlock that need to get used up. (Particularly since, in digging through the stash, I discovered I actually have two pieces of teal knit–not the same textile, since the aforementioned piece is a thicker knit, but almost the exact same color!) So I’m going to be using this for an inspiration piece, and I have just the perfect starting point. More to come….hopefully later this week. I just need to get through Wednesday first.


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