In response to a Blogger fail

Overall, I do like Blogger. But the one feature I wish it had, or if it does I don’t know it, is the ability to respond directly to a comment like you get on WordPress or LiveJournal. So here’s a 2-in-1. Gail asked what I’d be wearing yesterday’s completed project with, and Anoriell requested a pic of it on me. So here’s the visual answer to you both. The answer to Gail’s question: khakis, boots, and a brown tank top beneath the jacket in order to compensate for the combination of a shorter jacket and avoid any wardrobe malfunctions due to gaps between the snaps.


And then here’s the closeup. Raising the neckline was definitely a good move, because this is perfect.

(Sorry for bad lighting– I took this after I got done work at 8 tonight, so I had to use the flash. I also apparently need to work on my self-photography skills, because the jacket in the first one is blurred, but the pants are not. And this was with a tripod!)

But anyway, there it is. And I think I finished it just in time, because it doesn’t look like it’s going to be warm enough for perpetually-cold me to wear it again anytime soon. But it worked for today.

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