The other thing I’ve been up to

Progress on the flowery jacket is happening…I got the sleeves sewn together and am in the process of doing the Hong Kong seams. The facing is in. After bouncing some ideas off of my mom, I’ve decided that the buttons are going to be just for show and the actual closure is going to be snaps, since the embroidery is going to make any buttonholes hard. That, and I was checking the instructions in one of my sewing technique books, and it recommended no less than an inch long for a bound buttonhole. And of course the buttons I have, which match the style perfectly, are only 3/4″, so that won’t work. I was planning on wearing this over a camisole anyway, so there should be no wardrobe malfunctions with the snaps.

But I haven’t just been sewing…

I’ve also been sneaking in lots of jewelry making, since the craft fair is less than a month away. Eek! This is my box of all of my finished ones so far…. I counted them up this morning, and as of now, I have 47 pairs of earrings, 7 bracelets and 28 1/2 necklaces. (The half being one I started last night, and finally realized around 12:30 that I needed to go to bed when it was literally right around the halfway mark.) It sounds like a lot of earrings especially, but in typical fashion for me, a lot of the necklaces and earrings were made as a set.

So now I’m getting to the point where I have a couple of very important things to figure out–how to package things up (nicely, but as cheaply as possible!), how much more I should make (I’ve never done this before, so I honestly have no clue, though I’m thinking a few more bracelets would be good), and most importantly, how the heck to price these things! I’ve been doing some research, and it seems like the standard pricing formula is cost of materials + labor time x 2. Or even x3. The thing is, I’m looking at some of these things and thinking that there’s no way people would pay those prices! And while I have an Etsy shop somewhat set up and am planning on putting whatever I don’t sell in there (I know, I know, worst time of year to open a shop), it would be nice to at least sell something while I’m at the fair. At least I have some things figured out– I have printable business cards, and I was able to come up with a design for the Etsy banner and all based on that. I also have some ideas for how to do the actual packaging, which will also allow me to use up some of my cardstock and such. I just have to sit down and actually do it.

I am working on taking pictures of everything. But rather than spam this blog up, and since I’m going to be attempting to make this an ongoing thing, I actually started a separate blog for the jewelry I’m making to try and sell. All I have up there so far are about 8 pairs of earrings, but I’m hoping to get everything else up soon. (And figure out how to make these sound appealing without being cheesy–writing’s always come somewhat easily for me, but trying to sell yourself or your product through it is a lot harder!)

This is a bit scary/intimidating, putting stuff I’ve made out there to sell. My main motivation at this point is that I’ve decided that part of the proceeds are going to be donated–I’d known all along that if I was going to do something like this, I wanted it to be for a good cause. It all clicked at the end of the summer, when I found out at church that my friends who lost their daughter last July are starting up a non-profit organization to build an orphanage in Haiti. And since I helped her mom with making some of the bracelets to give to her friends in her memory, it seemed fitting to do this to help support them. So I’ll just have to trust that if God wants this to happen, some of the jewelry is actually going to sell! (And the stashbusting is definitely a nice side effect.)

4 thoughts on “The other thing I’ve been up to

  1. That's a lot of work! A tip for the photographs: Try hanging the earrings off of something, like a fancy stemware glass, or an ornate earring holder, Or even a tree branch for the “Tree Hugger” earrings. If you can set your digital camera to macro, you'll get some cool close-up shots where the background isn't such a big focus.


  2. Thanks for taking a look at those, Christina! I actually did try that with some of the earrings (I have a small metal candlestick that looked like it would be good to hang them off of), but the pictures just weren't turning out right. It probably didn't help that I was perched rather awkwardly on the steps/floor to try and get some pictures…in the end, I just laid them on some cardstock. Still working on how to do this well with my somewhat manual point-and-shoot– I'm thinking I might need to rig up a little box setup to give me something to put them on. At least something where I can sit in a chair instead of lie on my stomach!


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