sewing at a snail’s pace

So what I said about the Hong Kong finish meaning this jacket would take me three times as long to sew was a bit inaccurate. It’s actually turning out to be five times as long, because I have to sew every seam five times! So after working on it for the past week, the current status of my jacket is that I have the front, back, side and shoulder seams done. That’s it. 😛 Though I am happy with how the finish is turning out. And it turns out that it’s a good thing I’m doing a bound seam, because for suedecloth, this fabric frays an awful lot!


The other thing that’s taking a good bit of time with this is that I’m actually undoing the textured embroidery on the facings. It’s not hard to take that cording off, just a bit time-consuming. But since the nature of this jacket is going to make it be worn more like a shirt, more likely than not, I figured it would be more comfortable against my skin that way. And I still get a bit of the “print” from the lines that stay embedded in the fabric after removing the cording. I kind of like the look of it, actually. Subtle.

Another challenge with this jacket is that for some reason, this fabric does NOT want to press right. I don’t know if it’s because the Hong Kong finish means I didn’t clip a single seam, but they are not lying flat. At all. I even tried turning the heat on the iron up all the way (with a pressing cloth so I didn’t melt the fabric), and it’s still got a bit of an “I didn’t bother to iron this at all” look. That bugs me, but I’m not sure what else to do with it.

I’m hoping I can make some good progress on this tomorrow–things are a bit slow at the garden center in November, and as a result, my hours got cut back even more. So the only day I was scheduled this week was yesterday, and that means I’ve got some extra time on my hands tomorrow. One thing I have done that’s helped is that my sewing machine is currently sitting right next to my computer. So that means I can skim through emails or blog posts while I pin seams, and makes my time somewhat doubly productive. (Or slows both down, but I feel better about doing something else while I’m sitting in front of the computer. Plus then I can just sew for ten minutes here or there where I normally wouldn’t.)  I’ve also decided that my next sewing project is going to be a quick job, to make up for this one!

But I’m hoping it turns out well. It’ll ease the pain somewhat of how boring the Burda magazine has gotten. Seriously– there was nothing in it that I liked this month. Everything was just so shapeless and blah, and I was highly unimpressed. And the one jacket that I sort of liked, it was really nothing that I haven’t seen before, and there were no standout details to instantly put it on my must-sew list like the jacket I’m currently making. At least the debate is settled on whether I’m going to renew my subscription once it runs out–not happening. If I like something enough, I’ll just buy the individual issues at Barnes & Noble, or download individual patterns from the website.

On a somewhat random note, apparently my last post was my 500th and I missed it. I should probably do something about that. But it’s going to have to wait….I just haven’t had a chance to think of any cool giveaways or anything yet. And I have to run, because I’m going to a concert tonight and am supposed to leave to meet my bestie…um, now.

One thought on “sewing at a snail’s pace

  1. Wow, 500 posts! Congrats! I have a little jacket with Hong Kong seams. It's been in my UFO pile for over 3 years. Because of those Hong Kong seams. Keep sewing! Let me be your cautionary tale not to take a break that might last years! LOL


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