Experiments in seam finishes

Check it out– my first Hong Kong seams! I’d decided that I wanted to leave the Burda jacket that I’m currently working on unlined–with the style it’s in, it’s the sort of jacket that can never really be worn over another shirt (at least one that’s showing above the neckline), and so I’m making it with the intent of wearing it more as a buttoned-up shirt of sorts. But I wanted a nice finish inside, since it would be showing. And this seemed like a practical one, since it would help tack down the embroidered cords that go off the edges.

So far, I’ve discovered that it’s working better to move the needle over a notch closer to the edge of the foot– I like the more narrow seam finish better.  And I’m finally getting to use up some fabric–I cut the bias strips from fabric left over from the charmeuse dress of fail. (The pieces were too large to toss, but not quite enough to make any other garment out of. Unless I do some crazy draping experiment with a camisle…But bias strips work too, and at least this fabric is good for something. I like the look of it quite a bit so far, and am trying to ignore the fact that this jacket is going to take 3 times the amount of sewing time it would otherwise.

In other news, I’ve been working quite a bit lately on upping my inventory for the craft fair–worked on that basically all day on Saturday. Just over a month to go, yikes!


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