A beautiful blogger is me!

…That’s what the award says, anyway. 😉

I never made it through the entire link list of Self-Stitched September participants’ blogs– I only made it up to the L’s or so. And so I completely missed noticing that Scruffy Badger had nominated me for that Beautiful Blogger award that’s been going around– sorry! I think these awards that ask for information about you are kind of fun– I know I’m never going to be one of those people that gets a ton of comments on my posts, but it’s always a nice feeling to think that someone thinks your writing is interesting enough to want to learn more about you. (That, and it’s gratifying to know that someone is reading this blog besides my mom! 😉

So here we go…10 random things about me.

1. I have this paradoxical personality quirk where I kind of like organizing things, but I’m really a terribly disorganized person on the whole. If I’m in the right mood for it, I can quite happily spend an afternoon sorting through a pile of recipes, putting my overstuffed bookshelf in order, organizing the photos on my hard drive into folders that make sense instead of all the date-labeled ones…and yet, I get easily overwhelmed because I’m generally in the middle of at least 4 of these projects at any given time. And I constantly misplace things. Especially stuff like seam rippers, sewing gauges, my phone (usually while it’s either on silent or completely dead), and the car keys that I just had in my hand two minutes ago. (True story– the latter happened just last week.)

2. I really wish I was better at cooking. I think I can follow a recipe pretty well by this point, but I do wish that I was better at improvising with it. You know, like those people on Iron Chef who can just get a big table full of bacon thrown at them and whip out a five-course meal, complete with dessert, in an hour or so. (Did I mention that the Food Network is kind of a guilty pleasure of mine?) I think I have this secret dream of being the woman who all her friends think is an amazing cook and always wants her recipes. I also wish I had time to cook more regularly, but that’s another story.

3. I love the flute. Really. And it’s a good thing, since teaching that is a pretty huge part of how I make a living. But sometimes I really wish I’d played the guitar instead, because I’m really much more of a rock chick than a classical girl at heart.

4. I have a scar on my left pointer fingertip from crafting. When I was 15, I was making a stack of paper beads for a necklace I wanted to make. And I decided the beads were too big, so I was slicing them in half with a pair of scissors. I think you can figure out what happened next….the worst part of it was, my dad was going to take me out for driving practice that night, and since my finger wouldn’t stop bleeding, he took my then-not-quite-13-year-old brother instead! (I also discovered that my fingerprint now has a hole in it, when I had to get them on file before I started doing the band job a couple of years ago. That was kind of weird.)

5. Though I don’t have time to do it as often as I’d like to, I read really fast. I always have. (Good thing, too, or I wouldn’t get through nearly as many books.) And when I have the time to just sit and read, I can pull off ridiculous stunts like read the entire last book of the Harry Potter series, in all of its 750+ page glory, in one day at the beach.

6. I never really played with my (very few) Barbie dolls….I was more of a My Little Pony girl, really. What I did use them for was as a sewing dummy. I still remember one of my very first sewing projects– it was a full-length Barbie gown made from, of all things, scraps of white felt hand-sewn together with seafoam green yarn. With big ruffly straps at the shoulders. And in true Project Runway style, I sewed it directly onto the doll– I think I had to cut it off later.

7. I enjoy playing video games. I have ever since I was a kid, in the days of the good old 8-bit Nintendo (when my brother and I could get it, since we’d often have to fight Dad for it) and the original greenish-screened Game Boy. I had to ride the bus for about 2 hours a day during the last few years of elementary school, and sadly, I can’t read in vehicles without getting carsick. So I played Game Boy instead. I also remember playing a lot of computer games when I was a kid, like Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?, Prince of Persia, Sim City and related games, and (my favorite) Civilization. These days, I tend to go for the Guitar Hero-type games, or the occasional attempts to play old-school games on my Wii. More often, at the risk of sounding like a complete nerd, my game of choice is Lord of the Rings Online.  (Kind of like World of Warcraft, but in Middle-earth. Which was definitely the suck-me-in factor.) Though I did recently get Civilization V, after trying it out at a friend’s house, so that might be bad for my limited free time…

8. Another random non-crafty hobby of mine: making playlists on my iPod. I’m especially fond of themed ones– like I have one that’s all songs that have colors in their titles, a sunny day mix that’s all songs about sunshine, sunlight, and other related things (and the opposing one, of course, which is all rain songs), a “literary” mix that’s all songs that reference books, etc. Oddly, I still have yet to make a decent workout mix…that one keeps eluding me for some reason. I also tend to be a little picky on my playlists, in that I have to make sure that the songs flow together musically, or that the titles work next to each other in the list, or things like that. (I guess I should include finding new music in that, because no matter how much I have, I always want more!)

9. I’m really good at coming up with grand, lofty schemes for longer-term projects, and really bad at the follow-through. I think it’s just that I tend to get easily sidetracked and want to move on to something else. (Either that, or I’m just lazy…I’m pretty sure it’s the former, though. It’s certainly not a fear of commitment issue, because I’m still actively friends with some of the same girls that I’ve been friends with since preschool/kindergarten. And I mean “talk in person and hang out” friends, not just Facebook friends.) You know….things like my mini-wardrobe project that I never actually made all of the pieces for. (Though a huge part of the burnout on that was that nothing was actually going together like it should have.) And the fact that I’ve been in my room for about a year now and I’m still not completely done putting it together– still need to hang stuff on the walls, refinish a dresser, make a bunch of pillows, put away some of the piles that have been sitting on the floor since I moved in here… I think there’s hope for me, though, because I did finish that quilt. And my long-term project, which took me 9 months, of listening/writing through every song on my iPod. All 9000+ of them. (Though I’m still picking at that one as I add new stuff.)

Really, I think when it comes down to it, is that a part of me doesn’t like being boxed into rules.

10. I think I’m literally addicted to craftiness– during times like now, when I’ve been really busy with work and (especially as of late) my new-found social life and don’t have time to do much, I go through withdrawal symptoms. Like I get really irritable and feel more stressed out.

The rules say I’m supposed to tag 10 people. But since this one’s been floating around for awhile and I honestly don’t know who I follow that hasn’t done it already (and don’t have time to dig through everyone’s blog to look), I’m going to go with my last statement of #9 and say that if you want it, tag, you’re it. 😉

And speaking of #10…. I haven’t been completely uncrafty. I have managed to get my next jacket pattern muslined and altered, finally. (Hopefully it’ll work– I still have a definite lack of confidence in my pattern alteration abilities.) And I’ve been picking at jewelry here and there, and will be doing a lot more of it tomorrow while hanging out with Cassie. Craft fair coming up and all. And I have even done a little bit of sewing, for a costume party I went to last weekend. Pics to come. I have another party tonight, which I was going to try to throw a costume together for, but the original theme idea fell through so I’m just going to recycle my fairy costume for tonight since it’s an entirely different crowd. And another one next weekend, with a 1920s theme, but I’m going to just borrow a dress from a friend for that one since I don’t find that decade particularly inspiring to sew from. I have to admit that the idea of making 3 costumes in 3 weeks with limited time was kind of stressing me out, so I’ve never been so happy to not make a costume in my life!

Though I do need to replace the grosgrain ribbon on my fairy wings with some wide black elastic, which I don’t have. And Joann’s is also having a Vogue pattern sale. And guess what– I know what I want to do for my black dress now! (Still trying to figure out how it works for both silk jersey and silk crepe–you know, that knit vs. woven thing–but isn’t it lovely? Though I’m planning on making mine more of a knee length.) So to the fabric store with me!


2 thoughts on “A beautiful blogger is me!

  1. I can totally relate to #6. I'll never forget sewing velvet pants and a matching vest onto my one and only Kev doll. I never liked Ken much, and the one I had was given to me, complete with lime green shorts, and gold mesh shirt. (ew.) I'm pretty sure that doll is still wearing that awful attempt at sewing.

    I ready pretty quickly too, but Harry Potter 7 in ONE day? I'm impressed. I've done it in two. 😉

    I LOVED playing Carmen Sandiego. I had a great game for the PC. I think she'd be a fun Halloween Costume. =D


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