Happy birthday, Cassie!

Today is my best friend’s birthday. And since it’s a milestone-ish one (not saying which), I wanted to give her something extra-special this year. I actually got this idea over the summer– we were driving up to an Arcade Fire concert, and she mentioned a craft community she’d been following on another blog site that was entirely dedicated to Doctor Who-related crafts. So I was joking that I’d have to make her a sonic screwdriver crochet hook or something….

…and then I did. Along with 3 others.

So this is what I’ve spent the last week and a half or so doing, on and off. (Though I’ve been planning this for at least a month.) Four crochet hooks, each representing a favorite mutual fandom of ours. They’re all made out of polymer clay and metal crochet hooks.

#1: The carvings are the One Ring inscription from Lord of the Rings. (The first half, anyway.)

#2: A lightsaber! For Star Wars, of course. (I think this one may actually be my favorite.)

 #3: The sonic screwdriver that started it all. (For those of you who don’t watch Doctor Who, a sonic screwdriver is a handy-dandy device that can lock/unlock doors, fix stuff on his time machine, basically like an alien Swiss Army knife, but with much cooler sound effects. For those of you who do, this was modeled after the one from the David Tennant years.)

#4: Last but not least, a Harry Potter-esque wand, since she is largely responsible for me liking that series. (Especially given my initial “this is too much like a dumbed down Lord of the Rings” resistance.) This one was modeled after Hermione’s wand in the movies, mainly so I could do the vines and such.

I can post these now, because I gave them to her on Friday. And she was laughing so hard that she was practically hyperventilating, so I think that means my gift was a success!


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