Wardrobe Refashion Wednesday #5: And all I feel is black and white…

This blouse is one that I found awhile ago at Goodwill. There’s a lot of things I’ve loved about it–the corset-look of the waist, the contrast of the feminine styling with the kind of business-looking stripes, and the fact that it almost fits me perfectly.

Not to mention that I always feel very stylish in this– in fact, several years ago when some of my friends had a Zoolander-themed party, in which we were supposed to dress like supermodels, this was the shirt I wore. (We had a photoshoot as part of the party, so that’s where the pic is from..)

See? (Wow, I look really tall in this pic!)

Of course, you can also see what I did NOT love about the shirt in this picture–the length of the sleeves. I think they were meant to be long, but they hit in this weird spot of my arms where they were about an inch or two too short to be long, but waaaaaay too long to be 3/4. So I decided that, in order for me to continue to feel comfortable wearing this in public, something had to be done. I know I have long arms, but this is kind of ridiculous.

My original thought was to remove this extra-long cuff and sew it back on, a couple of inches shorter.

That, and there were several places where the hem had obviously come out and needed to be repaired anyway.

What actually ended up happening was I took the cuffs off, stitched the first one back on, tried it on and discovered that the sleeves still hit in a really oddball spot on me. So I ended up chopping about 5 inches more off of the cuff-less sleeves to bring it closer to my elbow. And then had to leave those cuffs off altogether because the circumference wasn’t quite enough to accommodate a wider part of the sleeve.

So here’s what it looks like now:

I think that’s definitely going to be an improvement on me. Now hopefully the weather will get warmer again, at least long enough for me to wear it at least once this season!

**Song lyric from “Black and White” by Sarah McLachlan.


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