One last Self-Stitched September post

And then I promise it’ll be back to crafting instead of wardrobe analysis! For awhile, anyway.

I wanted to take a little time to really look at the outfits I put together for this and see what worked and what didn’t work. So I’m going to pick my favorite and least favorite looks for work/church and casual outfits.

Favorite Outfits: Work/Church: Days 1, 8, 13, 19, 26

Common threads: Each day had something with a print on it. (3 tops, 1 skirt.) And mixed with something solid. There’s color involved. (It’s harder to see on the last day, but the print top has both red and light blue against the black, so it really pops.) There’s layering involved–if nothing else, a camisole under the shirts–and a mix of textures. There’s also bold, funky jewelry involved. Days 1, 8 and 26 made me feel rather put-together and ready to take on the challenges of the day. Days 13 and 19 were a little girlier, I think, but in a somewhat artistic sort of way.

 Least favorite work/church outfits: Days 15, 16, 29

For these outfits, going a little more into specifics. Day 15 looked and felt pretty good to me when I was wearing it, actually–I just feel like on the camera, it comes off as a bit dull. Like I really needed something with color to step it up a bit. For day 16, it’s kind of a combination of not liking the way that length of capris looks on me at all (thinking I may chop them into knee-length shorts after that), and feeling like the shirt looks a bit sloppy. I don’t really like the way the gathering falls around my chest, and I’ve been meaning to go back to this one almost since I made it and add some snaps or something to help the crossover bits actually stay where I want them to. (This shirt may become a future WRW project.) For day 29, I have to admit that it’s the blouse– not really liking the way that looks on me at all. Or the way the photo makes where my camisole is rather obvious. (It probably would have been better had I used my cream-colored one instead of white, but alas, that one was in the laundry.) I’m thinking next time I may lace it less tightly. Or go back to my norm of wearing it with my Eva jacket. (It was just too warm to do so.)

Favorite Casual Outfits: Days 4, 9, 12, 24, 30

Common threads: They were comfortable to wear. There was always a knit shirt involved (even on the plaid button-up day, I was wearing a t-shirt beneath.) They were comfortable. But I still felt like I looked a little nicer than just straight-up grunginess. Again, prints were common, though not as much. Same with layering.

Least Favorite Casual Outfit:

Really, day 6 is the only one I out-and-out dislike. For most of the rest of them, I look at them and feel like maybe I should have tried a bit harder to dress up some of those t-shirts with accessories, but I don’t hate the outfits. I just feel like they need a little more effort. As far as this one goes, I think it was just a combination of factors–it’s not that I dislike my shirt, I just don’t like it with those capris. And the lack of jewelry. And my grungy cleaning hair.

Conclusion: Nicer knit tops (like the ones I wore on days 2, 23 and 30) are definitely something I should be adding more to my wardrobe, since I liked the way those ended up looking in my outfits. Prints are not leaving my wardrobe anytime soon, although incorporating more solids to mix with them wouldn’t hurt. Button-down shirts can work well for a casual outfit for me, as long as I incorporate some layering in there. Funky jewelry is a style signature for me, and one I should just run with since I make it anyway.

So thanks for bearing with me this month, and I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing these clothes I’ve been showing you somewhat in action, even though the majority of the bloggers I “met” through this challenge put me to shame on their photos!

A couple of other random thoughts, in moving forward:

  1.  So, do you remember how I wanted to do that reconstruction challenge they were having at BurdaStyle, and decided not to because I didn’t have enough fabric to execute my vision and it was more of a time crunch than I can handle at this point? Well, BurdaStyle got its revenge…they sent out an email to their members on Monday with a code to get a rather nice discount at Mood for 3 days. Yes, that Mood. My original plan was to get me some silk jersey– I’m having thoughts of that little black dress that supposedly every woman should own, and I don’t yet. (Justification: I can wear it for performances. And my next cousin’s wedding, if I can break the family wedding fashion jinx.) More on that later, because as it turns out, the silk jersey had the excluded fabric code on it. Boo. (As did the silk organza, which I wanted to get a bit of for couture technique practice. Double boo.) But I did fall in love with a couple of cotton jersey prints, so I placed an order anyway. Bad BurdaStyle, enabling me to add to my stash!
  2. I was out of town this weekend visiting friends, but since I have a tradition with these particular friends of crafting while watching sci-fi, I did get some more jewelry done. Which means I have quite a bit of photography to do.
  3. I’m in this weird mental place right now where I think about sewing for several hours a day (while I’m stuck at work, since the garden center has been rather dead all week due to cold, nasty, rainy weather)….and then haven’t had the energy or motivation to do any at the end of the day. I mean, on Sunday I didn’t get home until about 10:30, last night I went rock climbing, and tonight I didn’t get done teaching till 8 and then had to deal with necessary stuff like actually wash the clothes I already have. Hoping I get the mojo back soon, since I have the muslin for my next project all cut out and ready to go! Maybe tomorrow being Wardrobe Refashion Wednesday will help…
  4. Speaking of Wardrobe Refashion Wednesday, I just wanted to make an official statement that I didn’t exactly skip it last week… I was just using it to finish that most recent top (which I still need to officially blog.) By a stretch of the imagination, it counts, since I was refashioning a dress into a top. So what if it was a dress I’d never actually finished making in the first place?
  5. On a much more random note, I downloaded the desktop version of Picasa (where my photos for this blog get stored anyway) on a whim today. I think I’m sold….it’ll make it so much easier to organize my mountain of photos! Plus now I can make much more effortless collages for this blog than Photoshop lets me make. (I’ll probably still keep using Photoshop for edits, though.)


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