Wardrobe Refashion Wednesday #4: For the Price of a Cup of Tea…

A couple days late on the post, because I just did NOT have time on either Wednesday or Thursday. So this was the project of the week. I got this shirt for my mom for Christmas a couple of years ago (I’m generally in charge of the gifts to her from my dad as well, since I’m better at picking out stuff she likes. Plus then he doesn’t have to shop as much.) I couldn’t resist this shirt for her, because she loves tea. Unfortunately, the only size they had in the entire store was extra-large. And, well, my mom wears a small. She wore it a couple of times anyway, but then she asked me if I could take it in for her. I needed something quick, and I actually have a good color of thread in the serger, so it seemed like a good time.(Sorry it took so long, Mom!)

To give you an idea of just how much bigger this was….this is underneath one of Mom’s best-fitting t-shirts. I think I probably ended up taking in at least 8 inches out of this one all the way around!

But it was just your basic t-shirt resizing. (You can see how much better it fits on Donna now!) This one’s not 100% done, since I still have to fix the hems where I ripped them out near the side seams and sleeve seams. I’m still trying to figure out the best way to do that, since they’re that serged-looking hem and neither my serger nor my sewing machine can replicate that. So I may end up hand-stitching them down, since that’ll be the best way to keep the fabric from stretching anyway. But hopefully I can finish that up soon….if nothing else, there’s always WRW next week.

In other news, I think I may be jinxed when it comes to sewing outfits to wear to relatives’ weddings! Now, this one isn’t being nearly as problematic as the dress for my brother’s wedding last year, but I’m still having issues with it. I realize this one doesn’t look bad on Donna, but you can kind of see on the left side where it’s pulling in at the bottom of the dummy’s leg…yeah, that’s what it’s doing all across my hips. Not pretty. The reason for this was that I had to switch patterns from my original idea, due to one-way printing on the fabric and an extra-wide selvedge that was going to make it not work well. So I pulled out one of the Simplicity Project Runway patterns that I’ve had sitting around for awhile. (Hmm, apparently this one’s out of print now. Maybe I should have taken that as a sign…) I figured this one would be ok, since it’s one of the few knit fabric dress patterns I have that has sleeves. As it turns out, I was misled a bit by the technical drawing. I thought the bodice was going to be a lot longer than it was, but when I pulled it on, it turns out it was an empire-waisted dress instead of the bodice ending closer to the waist like I’d thought. (Maybe it’s supposed to go to the waist, but it sure doesn’t on me!) I’ve learned from experience that gathered empire-waists just make me look pregnant–not the look I want to go for. So then I added a panel and dropped the skirt down to the waist. When I got it down to there, the gathering was just not working because it was still giving me more of a belly than I have. So I tried to narrow the skirt enough to get that out, and ended up taking out too much. Rats.

So I’m giving up on this one as a dress, and trying to salvage it into a top. I’d probably get more wear out of it that way anyway. But I don’t have enough time to make another dress now, so I’m just going to have to suck it up and go shopping. Maybe I’ll have better luck with my next upcoming family wedding in April…either that, or maybe I need to rethink my plan of making my own wedding dress if I ever get married myself!

2 thoughts on “Wardrobe Refashion Wednesday #4: For the Price of a Cup of Tea…

  1. This is the second one I've tried, and the first one turned out pretty well, actually. (See the “Mony Monet” dress.) So I'm not ready to throw the towel in on them yet…but I'm having serious doubts as to whether I'm going to keep this one. (The sleeve is what's making me debate, really.)


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