Self-Stitched September, Days 15-18

Day 15

The Details:
Blouse: The Painter Blouse
Camisole and trouser jeans: purchased
Jewelry: the “Air” set from the Elements series
With added kitty bonus!

The Context:
Another band/heavy teaching day.  I also went to a Lia Sophia party that one friend was hosting and another friend was selling at– I was joking with the seller about wearing homemade jewelry to her party and she said she’d rather have that than a competing  company’s! (I did get complements on the necklace too.)

Day 16
 (This was the part of the week where things started getting busy and I didn’t have time to deal with taking really good pics– sorry!)

The Details:
Blouse: The “Lizzie” shirt
Capris: purchased
Jewelry: a Celtic knot/moonstone set I got as a gift
Shoes: the Birks

The Context: 
Rushing around after work at the garden center to get things cleaned up enough for the one lesson I had to teach (for a family friend who doesn’t care if I wear jeans!)

Day 17:

The Details: I wore this reconstructed t-shirt–my first real t-shirt reconstruction, from my college days. (I combined the two shirts, modeling the pattern after a shirt I already owned, and did a reverse applique from the red  to be like the Chinese symbol for “harmony”. The earrings on there were also ones I made, though you can’t see them too well. Aside from that, I just wore the usual jeans and sandals.

The Context: 
My hours at the garden center got cut back again. So it was super-casual for me again today, since I spent the afternoon sewing and the evening dogsitting/making jewelry  (Didn’t want to wear anything too nice for the dogsitting, since she’s a rather needy dog who likes to drop her drool-covered toys on my lap and/or craft projects!)

Day 18

The Details:
Shirt: Thrifted (though technically, there is some self-stitching on there because I had to mend some holes in it before I could wear it!)
Jeans, sandals: purchased
Jewelry: Self-strung. Glass plum-colored beads. This one also pre-dates the blog.

The Context:
I know I’m kind of stretching the rules here today, but I wanted to have something both cute and comfortable today. Comfortable because this morning and afternoon consisted of going to the apple orchard with my sis-in-law, and then making pies with her and my mom. And cute because I’m going to a movie viewing party tonight with several friends I’ve made over this summer. A blouse is too fussy for Saturday, and I’m running out of reconstructed t-shirts!

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