Change of plans…

So it’s looking like I’m not doing that contest at BurdaStyle after all. My main reasoning being this– I was strongly suspecting that I didn’t have much wiggle room when it came to the fabric for the vest I’d envisioned. I cut out the pieces for the pattern I wanted to base it off of and laid it out on the dress yesterday, and I was right– there’s no room for alteration to the original design. Or the lining, for that matter, which is a pretty crucial design element since you can see it. (My idea was to use the shiny underside of the same fabric, since this ended up being a hard-to-match brown.) Also, I have a gift for my cousin’s fiancee’s bridal shower that I need to cut out and sew by next Saturday (an apron, so it shouldn’t take long, but still) and my own dress/jewelry for the same wedding to make asap. And I have that Burda jacket that I’ve been meaning to make for 2 years that I’d like to get done while I can still wear 3/4 sleeves. So I’ve decided that, given how quickly my weeks keep filling up, I’d be better off not putting that additional pressure of another sewing deadline on myself.

So yesterday, I started the dress instead. My plan is to cut out and sew the apron, or at least as much of it as I can, tomorrow after church. I lost last night and this morning to dogsitting, this afternoon to baking with my mom and sis-in-law (apple pies! Yum!) and will be losing tonight to social time, but at least when I was dogsitting I was able to get some jewelry-making done. I don’t think the dress will take long to make, especially since it’s a knit and so I can sew the seams and finish the edges simultaneously. But I do have to make some changes to the original design, so I’m figuring those out.

This vest will get made, though. I like the idea for the pattern variation too much to not give it a shot, and the dress is already in pieces. I just need to go to Joann’s and see if they have some more of that fabric so I have enough to, in the immortal words of Tim Gunn, make it work.


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