Wardrobe Refashion Wednesday #3: Too Early To Say

Funny how this themed weekday thing makes me want to put a song with every week… though it’s hardly relevant to sewing or the project, I guess Innocence Mission gets it this week. Anyway. I’m a bit short on time today since I have a lesson shortly, just enough time to eat dinner before the next one, and am leaving immediately after the second to go to a friend’s Lia Sophia party tonight. (You wouldn’t believe how many of those things you  get invited to when one of your friends sells it…) So I have the pattern that I’m using as a starting point printing out, and this pile of fake polyester shantung that I’ve been ripping apart for the last two days. (That white line is from the iron-on hem tape. Which apparently would not have held anything in place, so I’m glad I actually hemmed the original dress. I’ve decided I’m going to make a vest. The design details are still being worked out in my head, but I’m hoping to start it shortly.

I do have something finished to show, though!

Yes, that’s right, I finished the sweater from last week. Spent some time on Friday sewing on the buttons and making the thread loops, and then on Monday I took some chunks out with the serger. (About 2 inches on each side!) I’m still thinking this might look best with one of those wide elastic belts over it to keep it cinched in, but I still think it’s a pretty big improvement over the original.


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