Self-Stitched September, Days 12-14

…and some reflections on the experiment now that I’m practically at the midway point.

Day 12

The Details:
T-shirt: Old Navy
Jeans: Thrifted
Sweater: The Trippy Hippie cardi, in its debut appearance
Boots: one of those mail-order places
Necklace: Made by my mom (she decided it was too heavy for her, so I inherited it.)

The Context: 
A nasty, rainy, cool-ish day. And I’d been put on tech crew for church, so I was hiding out in the techie room to run slides. Plus I was playing one song in a concert at church that night, and it was easy to just pull off the cardi long enough to do the song and then pull it back on to keep warm.

Day 13:

The Details:
Top: Don’t even remember.
Vest: ModCloth (hey, I finally found something to wear it with!)
Skirt: Self-stitched. But I did this something like 5-6 years ago and I honestly don’t remember what the pattern was.
Necklace: Thrifted
Sandals: The usual

The Context:
A slightly warmer day, but cool enough that I wanted some layering. And I had one lesson to teach.

Day 14:
The Details:

Blouse: The Doolittle Blouse
Pants: Purchased
Bracelet: Kohl’s
Hard-to-see other jewelry: One of my souvenirs from Santiago, Chile
Shoes: The usual

The Context: 
Got several lessons to teach tonight, and some driving around in the car to boot. So these pants are pretty comfy for that. And I’m feeling the need to wear this blouse while it’s still warm enough to.

So…here’s what I feel like I’ve learned so far, at the halfway point:

  • Weekends are HARD to do self-sewn things on. Because I just want to live in jeans and t-shirts. More motivation to try and get a jeans pattern to actually work…or maybe just make some comfy knit tops that can double as casual workday/weekend wear.
  • I really need to get a pants pattern tweaked to fit well, since most of my purchased pants don’t really fit me that great either. Though I think the pattern for the pants I wore last week still has potential–in retrospect, I shouldn’t have made my muslin in stretch twill and my final in a non-stretch. So it ended up a bit over-fitted. I may need to revisit that.
  • In trying to put together outfits that I know are going to be photographed every day, I’m beginning to see some value in solids. But don’t think this means I’m going to be giving up my crazy prints any time soon…it just might be good to have a wider variety of things I can mix it with, so I don’t end up doing stuff like just wearing that cardi from Sunday with the same black t-shirt and jeans combo all the time.
  • I’m really glad I included the jewelry in this. Especially since I’m running out of things to wear for weekends that I haven’t showed already.

One thought on “Self-Stitched September, Days 12-14

  1. Hehe, once you've found a pants/jeans pattern that works for you, you'll never ever look back! promise! I've used Burda 7863 four times now, and it's pretty wonderful for me. It's easy to modify the legs to get more flare if required.


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