In which Little Miss Sew-and-So gets completely sidetracked.

I did get my dress for my cousin’s wedding cut out on Saturday, and pretty much all ready to go. And yesterday, I found beads to go with to make jewelry. (No small feat, since it is an odd-colored print to match. See?)

(The solid color at the top is a scrap of the leftover strap fabric from my maxi-dress fix…I had to switch patterns due to one-way printing, and I have hopefully just enough to make it work. And yes, that’s a clue as to which line of patterns I’m using now.)

So my plan was to work on this next. But then I got an email from the diabolical BurdaStyle, in which they announced that they’re doing a contest inspired by the first episode of this season’s Project Runway. You know, the episode in which they had to take a piece of clothing out of their suitcase and give it to another designer to chop up. Honestly, I didn’t even look to see what the prizes were before I decided that I must enter this contest. And I immediately knew which resident of my closet was going to be the sacrifice.

That’s right, “Sister of the Groom Dress From Hell”… you’re going DOWN. Mwahaha.

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