Self-Stitched September, Week 2: Days 5-11

And away we go! (Written as the week went on.)

Day 5:

 Technically, I only wore this outfit this morning–I did wear a self-stitched t-shirt recon this afternoon, but will most likely end up wearing the same thing tomorrow since I’ll only be home half the day and my post-work plans fell through. (That’s right, I have to work on Labor Day. Pity me.)

The Details:
Dress: Self-stitched, the “Morning Glory” dress
Shrug: Self-stitched, the sweater knit shrug that I specifically sewed to go with this.
Shoes: Payless, I think
Jewelry– the “Quicksilver” set, same as day 2.

The Context: 
I wore this for church–it’s a fairly casual environment, but also pretty much the only opportunity I have to wear stuff like embroidered satin sundresses. So I like to take advantage of that from time to time. Also, it was a bit cooler this morning, and my church is also traditionally ridiculously air-conditioned, so layering is good.

Day 6:

The Details:
Tank top: self-stitched, reconstruction of an ink-stained t-shirt of my brother’s (Why yes, that IS Bullet Bill. What can I say, I still have a weakness for old-school Nintendo.)
Capris: the same ones I wore to work
Earrings: Self-strung, though you can’t really see them (again).

The Context: 
My not-so-relaxing Labor Day, so far, has consisted of the following: working for 4 hours at the retail job, and then coming back home and spending the entire afternoon cleaning off my desk (and giving it a thorough and badly– needed dusting), packing up some stuff to take to Goodwill and out to the recycle can, doing 2 loads of laundry (which I need to switch), and changing the sheets on my bed. And I still have chores to do! Needless to say, stuff I didn’t care about getting dirty was a must for this laborious day. (Still bummed that my plans fell through at the last minute, but at least I’m getting all of these necessary things done.)
Day 7:
The Details:
Top: the seafoam pintuck shirt, revisited
Skirt: Self-stitched, the Sunflower skirt
Sandals: Mail-ordered. (Yay, the one pair of really cute sandals I own! And they fit!)
Earrings and necklace: Self-strung. (I’m pretty sure I don’t have a pic of these, but it’s just your basic white shell-bead-and-chain deal.)

The Context:
After the garden center, this was basically a teaching day–drove to two, taught 2 here. Plus some scrounging around in the music store to try and get the rest of the method books I need before band tomorrow, which in retrospect was not the most conducive activity to skirt-wearing. But at least I still get to rebel and wear white after Labor Day. (Which was really the inspiration for wearing this outfit, besides being comfortable for the car driving portion.) 

Day 8:

  Mixing it up a bit…

The Details:
Top/camisole- purchased
Pants: Self-stitched, from the band teacher pantsuit
Shoes: one of the mail-order places. (And I discovered this morning that they’re looking rather obviously destroyed in several places, and will have to replace them. Boo. At least I got several years out of them–these have been my go-to black sandals since at least grad school!)
Necklace/earrings: Self-strung. (See below)
Bracelet: Given to me by a friend

The Context: 
Mostly teaching. Including band, day 2.

Since I’m nearly positive that this particular jewelry set pre-dates the blog, and it’s one of my favorites, just wanted to take a moment to spotlight it. It was so simple– a silver pendant from Fire Mountain Gems (one of the Hill Tribe ones), and then some black chip-type beads I picked up at a bead show I went to with my mom later that year. I think they might be wood, I’m not even entirely certain what they’re made of. So simple, but it goes with SO much stuff. (And now that I’m looking at the Fire Mountain page, wow, I need to find something else to polish it with and get some of that tarnish off. Because clearly the jewelry cleaning cloth I use on my flute isn’t cutting it.)

Day 9:

The Details:
Plaid shirt: The Ayden shirt (with the sleeves rolled up)
T-shirt (underneath): Old Navy
Jeans: Also Old Navy, but thrifted
Shoes: the trusty Birks
Jewelry: A cross necklace I got back in high school, and some Celtic knot earrings that my parents gave me. Can’t remember if it was Christmas or birthday that year, but one of the two.

The Context: 
Keeping it casual tonight, as I’m off to Bible study pretty much as soon as I finish typing this segment. It’s fairly warm out now, but seems like it’s going to get pretty cool by the time I come home (low’s supposed to be in the 50s tonight!) So I figured layers and the option of long sleeves would be good. Then I don’t have to bust out the jacket quite yet.

Day 10:

The Details:
Top: Self-stitched- the MegaTokyo recon from last week 
Jeans: Thrifted
Chucks: Buffalo Exchange (I was SO happy to see those, because I’ve been wanting another pair for awhile!)
Earrings, even though you can’t see them: Cherry studs I found in a miscellaneous pile of jewelry from the thrift store

The Context: 
Today was my brother’s birthday. So he invited me to go to his favorite restaurant/brewery with him and his wife and a couple of his friends. Since said restaurant is down at the beach, I needed something that would be comfortable for the 4-ish hours in the car for the round trip, as well as eating. And since he was the one who got me into MegaTokyo all those years ago, it seemed the fitting choice. (I haven’t actually read it in a long while, but I still like this shirt. Obviously, since it was my first salvage job for Wardrobe Refashion Wednesdays!)

Day 11:

The Details:
Shirt: Self-stitched, the “Shakespeare on the Green” top 
Jeans: Target
Sandals: Payless
Jewelry: Self-strung, see closeup pic below

The Context: 
Another casual day– had to go to church for a little while this morning for a music practice before a concert tomorrow night (annoying, since I’m only playing on one song! It’s a good thing I live close by). And later this afternoon, I have a family gathering for a belated Labor Day celebration/my grandfather’s upcoming birthday. Hoping to get my next sewing project cut out in between.

Here’s the jewelry closeup– another set that kind of predates the blog. It’s hard to tell, but the beads are green (malachite), and the links are these figure 8-sort of metal things. Purchased like that, since I don’t know how to make those. Yet.

And now that I’ve been through this, I’m wondering if 7 days at once is too much of a post… I think that next week, I might do every couple of days as the mood strikes.


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