Do de do do, feelin’ groovy…

Yeah, this totally looks like something out of the 60’s or 70’s to me. And I’m perfectly fine with that.

This is from New Look 6735 and some fabric that I’ve had since college– the local Wal-Mart was having a $1 a yard warehouse-type sale one weekend, and my mom and I went to check it out. I got this and another piece of knit-type fabric– I used the other years ago, but hadn’t quite come up with the right thing for this.

I basically did this pattern as is, though I set in the sleeves flat, hand-sewed the buttonholes (what a pain) and made it something like 6″ longer than it called for. Which I’m glad I did, because this definitely has the potential to look like a granny sweater and I think the extra length will help take it more towards boho! So I’ll have to be careful what I wear it with, but I’m excited to have a new piece to add to my closet for Self-Stitched September! (Also happy that I managed to sew it in its entirety yesterday.)

I have something like a yard or two of this fabric left– I’m thinking it’s too distinctive to use as a shirt as is (not to mention the zig-zaggy knit makes it rather see-through, which is why I wanted to finish this cardigan before it got cold–that also makes it really lightweight). I’m pretty sure that this stuff is made of polyester, but I’d like to attempt overdyeing the leftovers in black– I’m hoping I can tone it down enough to use it as a shirt to wear over something else.


3 thoughts on “Do de do do, feelin’ groovy…

  1. The zig-zaggy fabric COULD be out of 60s-70s – a friend of ours had a tank top with such fabric in the front (solid orange in the back), inherited from her mother. 🙂
    I like the colours of this one a bit more, though. I mean, hers was very good, but I'm so into blues. 😀


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