Self-Stitched Saturday, week 1: Days 1-4

What can I say? I like alliteration as much as Zo does, apparently.

So, as stated before, I’ve decided to limit my Self-Stitched September outfit pics to once a week, so as to not bombard you with posts for that. Though I’m going to try to write each segment of the posts out on a day-to-day basis so I can fully live out my pretense that I’m a personal style blogger and remember the outfit details! (That, and so I don’t have to spend 5 hours on Saturday typing these out.) Here we go…

Day 1

The Details: 
Shirt: The “Time for Tea(L)” top
Skirt: The “Baby’s In Black” skirt
Camisole: purchased
Bracelet: I won it for free as a door prize at a Lia Sophia jewelry show. (One of my friends is now a seller for them, so I get invited to a lot of their parties.)
Necklace and earrings: from Kohl’s
Shoes: My slightly dressier black sandals. From one of those catalog stores that actually accommodates my shoe size.

Today’s Context: 
First day back at my once-a-week band teaching job–the school has a modest dress code, so I needed to make sure everything was well-covered and leaning on the conservative side. Also some flute teaching. Also, it was about 94 degrees, so I wanted something that would help keep me cool!

Day 2:

The Details:
Shirt: Seafoam pintuck t-shirt
Capris: from JC Penney (they were advertised as recycled cotton, and I loved the style, so I couldn’t pass those up)
Shoes: My well-work Birkenstocks
Jewelry: Though it’s hard to see, I promise it’s there! The “Quicksilver” set

The Context: 
I only had one lesson to teach after the retail job today, and it’s a family friend so they don’t care if I dress more casually. And then as of last week, I’ve started attending a Bible study in the area, and everyone dresses very casually for that. So the slightly funkier t-shirt style and cargo pants were just the ticket.

 Day 3: In which I scrape by on technicalities.

The Details: T-shirt: self-stitched in that I shortened the shirt and sleeves, originally from Random Shirts
Jeans: thrifted
Shoes: none!
Earrings: self-made, Gryffindor earrings

The Context: I wasn’t in the greatest of moods, and so after I got home from the retail job, all I wanted to do was wear something comfortable and bum around. I had to do some work for my band job at my computer, and the evening’s activities also included sitting on the floor to trace out a Burda magazine pattern, so this worked well for that.

Day 4 (today):

The Details:  
Shirt, self-stitched, my BurdaStyle bamboo “Sadie” top
Jeans: thrifted
Shoes: The Birks, again
Necklace and earrings: self-strung– I think I made these before the blog, so I’ll add a picture for that.
Also, now I get to show off my newly henna’d hair!

The Context: Today’s Labor Day weekend festivities are going to be going to one of the local state parks for kayaking, bbq-ing, possibly some form of hiking or nature walking, or frisbee-playing, or something. So I wanted something comfortable for that, but not entirely bummy-looking. Since this bamboo jersey is the most comfy thing EVER and I want more of it, this was perfect!

And here’s a better shot of the jewelry. The earrings are jasper beads, as are most of the ones in the necklace. Aside from that, it’s hemp and a ceramic butterfly bead I picked up at the Renaissance Faire one year, of all places. As a general rule, when I have lower-cut shirts like this I prefer to wear choker-type necklaces to give the eyes something else to look at. (When I make this pattern again sometime, I’m going to raise the neckline a bit, because this one pushes my comfort level a little.) And since I’m already sporting Birkenstocks and natural hair dye today, and going to go tramping around in the woods, hippie jewelry is the way to go!

So there’s the end of week 1, sort of.


2 thoughts on “Self-Stitched Saturday, week 1: Days 1-4

  1. Becky, I love all your pieces but the teacher outfit is so cute, colorful and businesslike in an approachable way. I spent 30 years teaching so I understand the dress code stuff. I'm looking forward to next week on your blog.


  2. Great photos! It's great to see you again and not just your form or fabric! 😉 I forgot I'd signed up for Self-Stitched September and haven't been taking photos. Thanks for the reminder.


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