Wardrobe Refashion Wednesday!

Or, “How to Save A (T-shirt’s) Life”. (I figured The Fray would be appropriate for a sewing project.)

So, to ramble about real life for a moment, I’ve found myself in a bit of an in-flux work situation–my hours at the garden center have been cut (as have everyone else’s), and there’s a pretty good chance I’m going to have to find another job after this school year is up. Possibly before that. Possibly even along the lines of something full-time and just do what flute teaching I can on the side. And to top it off, things haven’t been going well with my once-a-week band teaching job–there’s already been a lot of really frustrating stuff that has happened, even before my first day this year (which was today). So I’m going into this year almost certain that it will be my last, regardless of whether I try to find part-time or full-time work. Either way, I’ll be more flexible if I have my Wednesdays back. But in the meantime, I’m kind of stuck.

So I had the crazy idea in the shower last night to give myself something to look forward to about this particular day of the week, and since I have only two students in the after-school time, the idea for “Wardrobe Refashion Wednesday” was born. While cutting out is one of my least favorite parts of sewing, and I’m not a fan of seam-ripping my own work, there’s something oddly therapeutic about taking implements of sewing destruction to other people’s stuff. Plus then I can knock my pile of clothes to reconstruct down a bit. I probably won’t do this every week, since I’ll occasionally have things like band concerts and such, and I probably won’t finish a project in its entirety every week, but it’ll be a fun way to get me through the year and take out some stress on the poor, unsuspecting fabrics.

So without further ado, here’s tonight’s project!

I’ve had this shirt for awhile, and it was one of my favorites. But it ended up with a pen in the washing machine one day and got ink spots on the white. (Not too many on the front, but the back was pretty bad.) And then the attempts to get rid of the stain resulted in several largeish bleach stains on the black. (Which you can’t see too well in this picture, but trust me, they’re there.) And of course I couldn’t bear to part with it, so I kept it in the refashion pile. So I decided to tackle this one tonight since I already had black thread in the serger, my mom recently handed off some black jersey knit sheets that my brother didn’t take with him when he got married, and I had the realization that I was kind of lacking in casual items to wear for Self-Stitched September.

This one was pretty simple to do, though slightly more time-consuming than I anticipated….

After I ripped enough of the shirt apart, I pinned the pieces onto the sheet to use as a pattern. (Bonus– the hem on the sheet was a decent enough width that I didn’t have to actually hem anything–just rip it out enough to do the seams and then close them up!

I’ve made baseball-style t’s before, and they’re great. So much easier to construct with all of the straight lines. So I basically joined the pieces at the shoulders as laid out here, then stitched up the side seams and added a bias-ish strip cut from the sheet as a new neckline binding. Easy peasy.

And now I have a self-stitched shirt to bum around in some weekend day this month! (Even though it’s pretty much identical to the old shirt, minus the back is now black instead of white.) Perhaps for this Saturday’s picnic, since the weather is predicted to drop from its current highs of 90s to down in the 70s by then. After today, that’ll feel chilly!


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