happy bag!

So my plan to get a couple of things cut out by the end of the weekend was a complete fail– it’s Tuesday now, and I still only have the cardigan cut out! It was very much a weekend of nothing going according to my plan–ended up going out with some friends on Friday night at the last minute, and my Saturday shopping trip ended up taking a lot longer than I’d expected it to. So between that and dinner, I lost the entire day for craftiness. Didn’t get much done on Sunday either, since I was helping one of my friends who just moved unpack a bit, and now I’m having to ease into my fall work schedule. And since right now that also consists of last minute panicking and rushing to get stuff done in time for band tomorrow, that means no sewing has happened in a couple of days.

I did, however, have time to finish this! Finished the machine work on Friday and stitched up the inside lining on Sunday night.

So yes, after years of searching, I’ve finally found the one! (Purse pattern, anyway. Still working on the guy part.) It came together so much easier than my last bag that I sewed, I love the front cutout detail (and they’re actually pockets, so totally practical), and it’s nice and roomy. The only alterations I made to the pattern were enlarging the dimensions about 2″, and making the strap a crossover one instead of two handles. (I like the hands-free thing, and the two handles on the purse that I caved to buy last fall because I had no time to sew one ended up annoying me. Especially once it got cold enough that I had to wear my rather bulky winter coat–it would NOT stay on my shoulder!)

And look! More pockets! On both sides of the lining! No more fishing around for my chapstick! Or a pen!

And what’s it got in its pocketses, you may ask? It worked out so nicely– though it was completely unplanned, one of the pockets was the perfect size to put my fabric swatch notebook into. Another one holds my sunglasses case (which doesn’t like to stay closed) rather snugly. And I can fit my largeish wallet in there and still have room for a nice-sized book. This one happens to be the 5th installment of Harry Potter, which checks out at a whopping 870 pages. And since the ability to carry a book around with me at all times is one of my bag must-haves, the fact that I have so much room left after that makes me extremely happy.

In other news, Self-Stitched September starts tomorrow! I’m really excited about this one, actually, since the focus isn’t just on sewing clothes, it’s about integrating them into outfits. Since I never actually put the pledge up here, figured this would be a good time to do so! So here goes…

‘I, Becky, sign up as a participant of Self-Stitched-September. I endeavour to wear at least one handmade or refashioned item of clothing  or accessory/jewelry every day for the duration of September 2010′.

So yeah, there’s the rules I’m setting for myself, other than I’m not counting my garden center job in this. (I have a t-shirt I have to wear, and everything gets dirty and, this time of year, sweaty and gross.) I’m going to aim for one piece of actual clothing that I’ve made or reconstructed every day–hopefully I won’t have to fall back on the jewelry too often! Though I already know the weekends are probably going to be the biggest challenge for me in this, since I tend to live in jeans and knit shirts then. I’m thinking I’m also going to try for one picture post a week here to show off the outfit combos, so you’ll have to excuse my pretending I’m a personal style blogger. (Any more than once a week and I’m afraid I’d bore you all with pictures of myself, lol!) 

4 thoughts on “happy bag!

  1. I love your new bag. It looks to be the PERFECT size! Do yo mind sharing the pattern info (name, etc) that you used? I totally agree about the two handle thing, I hate when they won't stay up on your shoulder!!

    Thanks, and I enjoy your blog. You've really got me wanting to make jewelry lately! 🙂


  2. Hello to both of you! And thanks for stopping by!

    GaMtnScrap– the pattern is the Margot Handbag from Lazy Girl Designs. I did enlarge the bag by about 2″ on each dimension, but you're right, it's a great size! The web page is actually here, including a link of where to order it from.


  3. It looks great. Just perfect. I'd need a bag like that, too… but I'm not sure I can afford buying that pattern. 😛 Still, I can take inspiration from it…
    Anyway, great job on it! The fabric, the quilting, it's all very pretty and very YOU!


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