Jewelrystock II: Now with actual pictures!

Rather than post a bajillion full-sized pictures, I was able to consolidate these just a bit. So here’s what came out of Saturday (plus a few extras.)

I’d actually started the blue and silver necklace on the left a week or two ago–it was just a more time-consuming one. The blue stones are sodalite, and they’re lined with wire and twisted jump rings. Definitely one of the more involved pieces I’ve done so far. As for the one on the right, it’s glass beads, chain, and glass/gemstone chips. I really like how that one turned out, actually… I’m rather tempted to keep it for myself! Or at least clone it, since I probably do have enough of the gem chips left to make a second set. (They were Fire Mountain “thank you for ordering” freebies at some point.)

Going clockwise from the top left: the three bracelets are deconstructed from a bracelet of Majjong tiles that I picked up really cheaply at the craft store once. I like my version better. (And I’ll be keeping the one in the middle!) The earrings are ones I made a few weeks ago. The blue and silver bracelet was made with leftovers from the necklace above. And the branch earrings are also among my favorite that I’ve made to date– they’re glass leaf beads and wire that I wrapped into that shape. I’ll definitely be duplicating that one at some point.

Two more necklace/earring sets: the teal and copper one is some leftovers from stuff we’ve had for years– one of the necklaces I made for my mom. And the purple and green one to the right is very similar to the necklace I made for Cassie on Saturday. It’s a lot of the same beads, though hers also had green glass beads mixed in. The earrings are rather different– just clusters of the gemstone and glass chips.

And then these are the rest of the earrings I made on Saturday…minus one, now that I’m looking at it. Anyway, from top left: cat face charms and glass beads, a dark glass crystal and a dyed freshwater pearl, more glass beads. Bottom row: Sodalite chips and chain, glass beads and some seashell beads left over from one of my necklaces, and glass heart beads and a metallic bead.

Finally, the earring set that I missed: the glass flower bead are from the same set as the green ones above, and the crochet beads are also leftovers from one of my mom’s Christmas gift necklaces.

And with that, off to take advantage of my not having any teaching this afternoon (flute repair/band camp/end of summer hurrah type things) to run some errands, and then I have that purse to keep sewing.

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