Earlier this summer, my best friend and I decided we needed to have an all-day craftyfest at some point–she and I and another friend are considering attempting a craft fair sometime this fall, and we needed to make inventory. I decided back when we were discussing it that I’d rather do jewelry than sew things, mainly because I can whip out stuff faster for that and I have more stuff on hand to use. (Seeing as how most of my fabric stash that I’d be willing to use for such things would be leftovers from my clothes–not the most craft-conducive fabrics, since most of that is probably not cotton and the like.) Plus I can make each piece of jewelry a little different and not just sew the same pattern out of the same pieces of fabric a bajillion times. I’d get so bored if I did that. Seriously. And if I don’t sell anything, as long as it’s not a clone of something I’ve made for myself, I can just keep it.

No pictures yet, because the lighting sucks for it this late in the day and I need to get a shower and get to bed. Between getting home about 2 this morning from another friend’s going-away party that was last night, and getting up earlier than I otherwise would have to get ready for Cassie coming over, I’m done. But I wanted to chart my progress before I forget. So in the time it took us to watch 5 episodes of The Big Bang Theory, 4 episodes of Farscape, 4 episodes of reeeeeally old-school Doctor Who (like from the 60s…we couldn’t help giving it a bit of a Mystery Science Theater treatment) and 3 episodes of Avatar: The Last Airbender, minus meals, I managed to finish 12 pairs of earrings, 4 bracelets, and 5 3/4 necklaces. I probably could have finished more, but I’m trying to branch out a bit from just straight-up stringing beads and so I’ve been playing around with some different styles and techniques. Not everything is for the craft fair– I did make one of the bracelets for myself, and a necklace/earring set for Cassie because she said if we do this, she wanted to wear one of my necklaces to help me model. And apparently, though I’ve made earrings for her before for either Christmas or her birthday, the only necklace she owned that I made was her bridesmaid necklace from Julie’s wedding. But that still gives me a pretty good starting inventory. I’ll get some pics as soon as I can. And hopefully I can keep the motivation going to keep at this–Cassie was having to give me a pretty serious pep talk the other day, because I’ve been in a mood lately where I’m excited about fall projects and Self-Stitched September and I just want to sew!

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